About Billy Caputo

Billy Caputo is an international Psychic Intuitive Empath and Medium from NJ and NY born with the ability of Channeling, Clairvoyance, Clairsentience, telepathy, and remote viewing. Billy only does psychic readings by phone. He is also one of the Top Psychics in America. Billy began getting impressions and images at the age of 8. He also had another developing passion for music, which began at age 3. His Mother and Father owned a very famous nightclub in the ’60s and ’70s called the Garden House. This is where Frankie Valli and the Four Season’s began their career. 

Billy initially pursued a career in the music industry, appearing in some of the biggest music magazines. During this time, he found that he had an incredible interest in astrology, the afterlife, and metaphysics, but was reluctant and remained silent to share his ability and gifts with others. 

By the age of 30, the universe was calling with many spiritual awakenings. He underwent emergency spine surgery. At age 31, Billy lost his beloved mother who died suddenly of a massive heart attack on Thanksgiving. 3 months later, Billy’s father died of an aneurysm. Billy’s uncle then died of cancer.  His brother, who had served in the US Army, and in Iraq, descended into a world of Heroin to escape his pain and losses. 

Soon after these struggles, Billy began to communicate with his mother on the other side through telepathy and channeling. His journey led him to libraries, bookstores, and other psychics to learn about and understand his gift. 

2006 proved to have more challenges. Billy’s brother died unexpectedly in a car accident at age 37. At the same time, Billy was undergoing another spine surgery and clarity began to set in to give Billy the spiritual centering and confidence to begin helping others.

Psychic Readings by Phone

Soon, friends began asking Billy for his readings and predictions and word began to spread. He tested himself by working on a few of the “Speak to a live psychic” hotlines and quickly found a large private following and clientele.

Billy will tell you “I can feel, see and just know”. Whether it’s connecting to the other side or doing psychic readings by phone, I care and truly want to help others.  That’s what really brings me complete happiness, seeing others grow and experience their own true life’s spiritual awakening.” 

Billy is the author of 7 books, that can be purchased in the Store tab along with other items. He is very active on social media, enjoys blogging, and has appeared in numerous newspapers, magazines, and radio. However, his greatest enjoyment is to do Psychic Readings by phone.

Are you still wondering just how good Billy is? Just click Testimonials and have a look at some of the feedback left by several of his many clients over the years. You can also click Questions and Answers.

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