9 Ways To Tell You Are An Old Soul…

An old soul has a great consciousness and has been on earth many times. So the soul has already gained a lot of life experience. An old soul can be recognized by various characteristics. Some characteristics of an old soul are:

  • Highly sensitive
  • Clear eye-catching eyes
  • World improvers
  • Strong intuition
  • Interested in depth and spirituality
  • Do not attach value to matter
  • Are honest and idealistic
  • Would like to help others and do things from love
  • Have the feeling that they come from a different dimension


Depth and intuition

An old soul strongly feels the urge to improve the world and wants to lift the earth to a higher level. The soul strives for equality and can not stand injustice. An old soul can feel different from others and sometimes feels as if he/she is alone. An old soul has depth and likes to talk about the meaning of life. This soul doesn’t like talking about superficial things.

An old soul is far ahead of its age and feels connected to people who are older. An old soul is not connected to an age, even a young child can have an old soul. In addition, an old soul is often sensitive and emotional. They listen to their intuition and feeling.

Spiritually aware

An old soul is often spiritually aware and busy with spirituality. An old soul understands that a body consists of energy and feels it. Ancient souls are often concerned with meditation and mindfulness. They live very consciously and are engaged in their own spiritual development.

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