If you are tired of waiting for friends and family to set you up with a date or endlessly hoping that the cute guy-next-door asks you out, it is time to take matters in your hand. Here are a few ways that can help you to meet a guy in ten days or even less.

Take a course

One of the quickest ways to expand your circle of social contacts is to join a class or take a course. If you have always wanted to pick up an artistic pursuit or sporting activity, this may be the right time. Options could be as varied as learning the tango, exploring up rock climbing or trying your hand at exotic Asian cuisine. Learning something new will not only add excitement and zest to your life but help you to get in touch with a great variety of potential partners who have signed up to learn the same thing as you.

Join a club

If you don’t want to experiment with things you don’t know much about, you can still pursue activities you are comfortable with; only make sure you do it in a public forum instead of in the privacy of your home. This way you will meet more people and increase your chances of getting to know a guy. So look up the internet or your town’s local directory and find out about hobby clubs that cater to your interests. You could browse through book-reading clubs, amateur dramatic societies or even wine-appreciation clubs. Pursuing a favorite activity will not only make the guy-hunting much more fun but eventually bring you in touch with guys you are likely to share a common interest with.

Frequent the boys’ stores

If you want to meet a guy and meet him quickly, your best bet lies in looking at places where the boys go to buy their favorite stuff. These could be the local sporting goods store or the home improvement store; in fact even the electronics or the liquor section at your town’s main shopping mall could also be nice places to bump into date-worthy guys. When you arrive  here, look around suitably confused, all the while actually deciding which guy you would like to chat up. Once you have made your choice, saunter near him, open a conversation with a general remark and then casually ask if he would help you choose the right DVD player for your car or the perfect bottle of vodka to go with spicy Mexican cuisine. Once he begins to look around for you, keeping the conversation going and when you have checked out of the store, casually ask if you could buy him a coffee or a drink for being such a great help.

Don’t pass up invitations

It is only natural for a woman to have preferences in a guy she would like to date. But before passing up an invitation to a co-worker’s housewarming party or a neighbor’s poolside bash on the excuse that they are not your ‘type’ of crowd, think again. It is equally possible that they may have guests or even friends of friends with whom you would easily hit off. Thus go to as many parties and gatherings as you can for you never know who you might meet where.

Get out more often 

Even when you are not attending a party, try to get out of doors as much as you can. It is highly unlikely that your dream date-come-true will land up at your doorstep to ask you out. So you may like reading books or listening to music, but instead of doing this indoors, why not settle down with your favorite novel at the nice café down the street? Likewise at your workplace, try to eat lunch at the cafeteria instead of gulping down your sandwiches at your desk or in your cubicle; that way you will be more visible and consequently people will notice you more and perhaps even ask you out. When someone asks you to join them for a coffee during an office break or at the ‘happy hour’ after work, by all means do so; even if you have known them for long and cannot picture yourself  out with them, perhaps they may have friends you would be interested in getting to know better.

Spread the word

You may have despaired of your friends and family ever setting you up with a suitable guy, but just in case it has slipped their mind, remind them again that you are single and ready to mingle. Especially let your friends know that this time you are ready for blind dates. Ask them to throw a “leftovers” party where they bring a date that didn’t work out for them, but might work out for someone else. That way you will have even more chances of looking up guys you might want to go out with.

Spruce yourself up

While you are busy looking up all opportunities to meet guys, ensure that when they do meet you, they like what they see. For this you will need to invest some time and resources into your appearance. Pamper yourself with some beauty treatments like a facial, manicure and pedicure. If you cannot afford an entire makeover, focus on one or two aspects of your appearance like a new hairstyle where a change will do a world of good. Likewise buy a couple of new dresses and shoes which will flatter your best physical features. While getting a new attractive personal style cannot guarantee a date, it does go a long way in making guys notice you and ask you out.

The right attitude

Finally when you do meet someone you would like to go out with, adopt a pleasant, friendly attitude. Strike up a conversation based on hobbies and interests so that you have something mutually engaging to talk about. Continue chatting up the guy and allow him to ask you for your number. Sometimes, guys need girls to give them hints that they are interested. So when conversing with a likable guy, make a comment about a movie or concert you’re “dying” to see. Mention that you can’t seem to find a friend to drag to an event. This will leave the floor open for him to ask you out without making you seem desperate or needy. Above all remember to project a positive, happy outlook since like everybody else, single men are also attracted to women who are fun to be with.