8 Reasons Why People Choose Cremation ~ Billy Caputo…….

1. Space Availability at Cemetery of Choice

Sometimes, it can happen that the cemetery of choice doesn’t have enough space. In such cases, you can look for another cemetery but chances are it would be easier and more cost effective to opt for cremation.

2. Claustrophobia

It might seem silly to most, but many people have genuine fear of being buried in a tight space such as a casket. If your loved one or you share that fear, than choosing cremation is a more logical choice and that choice should be respected.

3. To Be Buried Near Loved Ones

Since caskets take up a lot of space, being buried close to all your family members may not be a viable choice due to space constraints. Opting for a cremation means family members can be buried with or near one another since the urns are much smaller.

4. Multiple Scattering Sites

Your loved one may have had a few places that held significant meaning for them. With traditional burial, you cannot really choose where your loved one’s final resting place will be. Cremation on the other hand, means you can scatter the ashes across multiple sites, thus honoring your loved one in a very special way.

5. Donate Body to Science

Many people choose to donate their bodies to medical science after their death, either for medical research, organ donation or a combination of the two. Afterwards, the body is cremated and the remains are given back to the family, freeing your loved ones of the cost of cremation.

6. Be Planted as a Tree

What better way to honor your loved one than to plant a memorial tree which gives family members a “living memorial” to visit and enjoy, while giving back to the environment.

8. Always be With Loved Ones

Cremated remains can be put into an attractive urn and kept at home, often set on a mantle or as part of a special memorial space. This allows your loved one to always be with you in a special way. You are on my website… have a look around