KEEN Brown

8 Deal Breakers On A First Date

Some people can spot the red flags right away. And, well, others may not even see the flags. Some may see a flag waving, but not realize it’s red. And other people choose to ignore the warning signs. It’s not until you see your new boo out on a date with another girl that you can recall all of those blaring signs shouting in your face saying, “NO!” Usually our dates leave us a trail of warning signs that we can follow all the way to a dead end. We just need to look for the trail.

If your date brings out his or her ex files, you should call it a day. Ain’t nobody got time for that. Listen, we all have exes, but we all don’t want to hear about that hot mess of a relationship on a first date. It’s fine to vaguely bring up your past love life if it feels natural in the conversation. But, if your date feels more like a therapy session, you should at least be getting paid.

Phone Game

If you can spot your date’s phone on the first date, you can also spot a warning sign. Even a good detective shouldn’t be able to find your date’s phone. If your date takes out his or her phone to check an email, answer a call or to look at his/her Instagram feed, there should only be one thing ringing in your head — deal breaker. Unless he or she is showing you pictures of his or her cute dog, the phone better be invisible.

Commenting on Your Eating Habits

Nobody should be commenting on your eating habits, especially your date. That job is left for one person, and one person only, your mother. If your date says, “Wow you finished that quickly” or “I can’t believe you ate that all,” get your dessert and make a run for it.


One huge deal breaker is if your potential match is rude to other people. If you’re eating dinner at a restaurant, always observe how your date is treating the staff. If he or she is rude, you have every right to be rude to your date and up and leave. If he or she can’t even be nice to a waiter, then you don’t have to wait any longer to know this person is a no-go.


It’s fine to have a glass or two of wine during a first date. But if your date is downing a bottle of Tequila like there is no tomorrow, there should be no second date. Your date should be paying attention to you, not paying attention to the bottle.

All About Me

If your date doesn’t ask you one question about yourself, there shouldn’t be any question in your mind — you will never see him or her again. You want your date to talk, but talking only about himself/herself is going too far. You are looking to meet your potential match, not potential narcissistic boyfriend/girlfriend.

Wandering Eyes

They say the eyes are the windows to a person’s soul. Therefore, if your date’s eyes are wandering over to that hottie to the left, you should be able to see his or her soul ain’t that great. On the first date, if his or her eyes are wandering, you should be wandering away as well.


Now I’m not saying your date must be dressed up, looking as if he or she is going to the Oscars, but they should be trying to look decent. If your date is wearing sweat pants and you’re questioning the last time they showered, I’ve got news for you — that’s a deal breaker.