7 Reasons Why Women Go Blonde ~ Billy Caputo

There are so many women today running to the hair salon to put blonde in their hair when it doesn’t bring out their best. Perhaps you may be one of them.

It is one of my biggest pet peeves — witnessing someone going blonde when blonde hair coloring is completely misaligned with their natural hair color and/or optimal hair color palette. A few celebrity examples include Rita Ora, Jessica Alba, Sarah Hyland and Kim Kardashian (when she had her blonde locks).

Why is this one of my biggest pet peeves? Because most women who go blonde when blonde is out of alignment with their coloring are unknowingly choosing a hair color that more often than not results in them looking duller, worn, outdated, odd, unbalanced and even older.

Why do you go blonde when blonde is not giving off your best? This is a question that has puzzled me for awhile, so I decided to investigate. Here are the seven reasons I uncovered (so far). I ask you to read these reasons with an open mind — all, none, some of them may apply to you.

1. You don’t know your most optimal hair color(s). You’ve been choosing your hair color blindly by following trends, scanning hair color swatch books, following what untrained individuals have told you to do (i.e. your friends/family) and/or mimicking what a celebrity is doing. You’ve never visited a hair color expert trained in revealing what your optimal colors are.

If this is your reason, I recommend visiting a color analysis professional in your area to discover what hair color(s) are best for you. Selecting a hair color while ‘wearing a blindfold’ is never a good thing for your image.

2. You’re trying to snag a mate and/or keep a mate. It’s a part of our evolution. A Discovery News article titled Why women Go Blonde states that in Ice Age days, blonde hair was attractive to potential mates because it was rare.

Here’s a quote from the article — “As women came to outnumber the supply of monogamous men, they had to become more competitive for male attention. In evolutionary terms, this produced strong sexual selection for novel hair and eye colors. Women with unusually bright looks were eye-catching and appealing.”

Is blonde so rare these days? I guess it depends on where you live and/or the circles where you spend your time.

3. You make more money. Blonde is seen as more attractive primarily due to our evolution described in #2 above. Depending on your job, where you live and/or the circles you hang around, it is very possible that being blonde could generate more money for you.

4. You consciously made the decision to hide. When you go blonde when blonde hair coloring does not align with you, we have trouble seeing you and your face. Your hair is overpowering the authentic you. Perhaps you’ve been going through or are going through some trying times and want to withdraw a bit from the world. Nothing wrong with that. But, please come back when you’re ready! The world needs you and wants to see you.

5. You want something more funky or different to show off personality style. I totally get this reason. I am a creative type myself. Just be aware of reason #4 above along with the fact you are more than likely giving out a lower energy vibration into the universe. Consider countering by wearing clothing, makeup and accessory colors and styles that align with you to give off your best energy.

6. You’re feeling down whether you realize it or not. Like attracts like. Your current point of attraction has a strong pull to want to keep you down by giving off a lower energy vibration into the universe. Your subconscious is driving your hair color decision.

This is where I strongly believe that changing your hair color to be in alignment with the authentic you could translate into a gateway to shift your feelings into a more positive direction. (e.g. feeling of worthiness, confidence, general happiness, energy etc.).

7. You want to hide the greys. Going blonde when blonde hair coloring does not align with you, more often than not makes you look older, dull and magnify skin imperfections such as wrinkles.

There is no reason to go blonde just because you’ve gone grey. If you want to hide the greys, I always recommend choosing a hair color that aligns with your seasonal color palette.

So now you have the 7 reasons that came up in my investigation on why you’re going blonde when it’s not giving off your best. I’m sure there are more, by no means is the above an all-inclusive list.What’s your Reason for going blonde ladies…….?