There are times in your relationship when things won’t work out well as they should, and neither you nor your partner should take the blame. As the years go by, the things that once held the two of you together in the relationship may start losing their grip and effectiveness. You suddenly find the bond fraying despite making the normal amount of efforts and contributions make things work in your relationship. Things like change of environment, friends or financial fortunes can also eat up the strong bond that was between you and your partner.


Friends and family can be more influential in your relationship than you are prepared to admit. Most times, these loved ones can be quite supportive, but at other times, they can give their friends or family members the kind of advice that might further aggravate the already tensed situation in your relationship. This is most likely when the relationship is not supported by these friends and family members. Know the kind of friends your partner keeps and the kind of advice he or she gets from them concerning your relationship.

The Problem Could Be With the Foundation

Most relationships today do not start up on the right foot. People hook up easily these days without taking the time to study the person they are getting involved with. Such hastily instituted relationships never last.

Lack of Compatibility

Some couples are not just compatible, no matter how much they try to make things work. When it comes to relationships that will last a lifetime, compatibility is one issue that should be given adequate attention. When the two people involved in a relationship are not compatible, it is easy for things to fall apart between them as they start raising kids and facing new challenges.

Expired Chemistry

Some relationships just lose the passion without knowing why. This happens mostly when people mistake lust for love. So when the initial fire dies down, they suddenly discover there is nothing else in the relationship than the sex. Even the sex gets boring with time, and this can be a major reason why relationships fail.

Emotional Issues

Certain things happen in people’s life that mess up their emotions. Women are mostly affected by emotional changes following the action and reaction of certain female hormones that crop up as they grow older. Mood swings can cause a lot of damage in your relationship if you do not handle them well.

These above mentioned factors are some of the things that lead to a collapse of most relationships.