6 Reasons Not to Marry Young…Young Ppl Listen Up! ~ Billy Caputo

Everyone loves the idea of being in love and marriage is just what comes next right? This shouldn’t necessarily always be the case, especially if you are young.  Give yourself some time. Here are some reasons why you might not want to get married at a young age.
1. It is already hard to find someone who is mature and will fully commit to you without adding being young as a factor. Guys naturally mature at a slower pace than girls do and you may have trouble getting your husband to tame his immaturities and seriously settle down. You want someone who is serious about being with you and only you and a lot of times immaturity can get in the way of that.

2. You don’t want to have regrets and wonder what if. If you tie yourself down to someone at an early age, later on in life you may begin to wonder what things would have been like if you wouldn’t have settled down so quickly. You also may begin to regret the fact that you did, especially when you see your friends and people around you having fun.  Regrets and what ifs can also cause a lot of drama and tension in a relationship if you or your partner begin to think that things might have gone better for you if had made a different choice. You definitely don’t want to end up feeling like you have settled.

3. You want to be financially stable. Granted, it is possible to be financially stable at a young age but for the most part, it is unlikely. Waiting until you get older allows you to have more time to save and situate yourself into a career.  If not, you will find yourself struggling to pay bills and survive which might consume you and cause your relationship to deteriorate.

4. Divorce is tough.  According to the National Center for Health Statistics, almost half of marriages involving a bride 18 years old or younger at the time of the marriage, divorce or separation occurs within the first 10 years. Not only is divorce difficult financially, but emotionally as well. Being that young marriages have a higher failure rate, by marrying young you are putting yourself at a greater risk for the financial and emotional burdens that come with divorce.

5. You need time to explore your options. Although you may think you have found the one, you should date different people and see what else may be out there. Years down the road, you may not remain so sure that the person you married was the best match in the world for you. Although it is not guaranteed that you will definitively make the right choice if you explore your options and spend time dating other people, you will still be somewhat more positive that the person you chose is right for you.

6. With marriage comes a lot of responsibilities and hard work. You should spend your time being young and carefree while you can.  Marriage can result in a plethora of bills, children and other responsibilities. Instead of having to deal with this at a young age, you could spend your time having fun with your friends and enjoy all of the aspects of being young. Later on you may feel locked down and with kids and other things in the picture you will have less opportunity to be young, crazy and carefree. It is important to remember that you only get one chance at youth whereas you have the rest of your life to get married.