5 Ways To Connect With Your Spirit Guides ~ Billy Caputo

1. Listen to your intuition.
It’s that little voice in your head. The one that tells you, “Don’t go out today” or “You’d better call Grandma to see if she’s OK” or “I know that man from somewhere… he seems familiar.” Do not dismiss it. This is a communication from your Guides (or your higher self). Listen to your intuition and see what happens!
When we close ourselves off to our intuition, we allow ego to take over. Ego is the voice that tells us: “He/she wouldn’t want to talk to me so I’ll just turn the other way and ignore those blue eyes looking at me (even though my gut tells me otherwise!).” Tell your ego to go home and listen to your Guides’ voice.
2. Pay attention to random signs and people in your life.
Did you hear from someone from your past out of the blue? Did someone suddenly call you out of nowhere when you were thinking of them? These aren’t coincidences. Our Guides bring people to us when we need them. Look around you—is your Guide trying to tell or show you something? Look for signs in the most unusual places and be open. We miss the signs when we’re trying to conceptualize, while it might be right in front of you!
3. Meditate. 
This is one of best way to connect to your Guides. Clear your energy field and mind. Many psychics meditate to help them move past the “stuff” in their heads. This allows them to tune out and channel into that which we always ignore but is always there. Need help with this practice? Ask a meditation teacher or psychic for help.
4. Connect through your dreams.
Another great way to connect with Guides is to meet them in your dreams. Put out the intention you wish to connect about before you sleep. Ask your questions: What answers are you seeking? Call this energy to you. Look into Lucid dreaming which can help you hear (and sometimes see) the messages that are being given to you. Once you’re able to do this you can simply ask your Spirit Guides to appear and help you.
5. Get help from a Psychic
A Psychic can help you connect to your Spirit Guide and show you how to do this yourself. If you feel you’re unable to connect, a Psychic can help you understand how to tune into the energy around you. This energy is your Guide trying to reach you.
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