There is plenty of information out there, about how spirit guides and angels will communicate with you.

You’ve probably heard or read about the 4 C’s before. But just in case you haven’t, the 4 C’s are clairvoyance, clairaudience, clairsentience, and claircognizance…  In other words clear seeing, hearing, feeling and knowing.

While is true that through these subtle psychic senses, people receive guidance from spirit, this is NOT what this article is about.

For this post, the angels wanted me to write something a bit little different. They want to share how these subtle psychic senses manifest.

Think of this post as a more practical way of uncovering the ways in which the angels communicate through seeing, hearing, sensing, and knowing.

5 Ways to Communicate with Angels

  1. Telepathically

One of the most common ways for angels to directly communicate is through telepathic communication.

Telepathic communication is when you receive information directly in your mind. You may receive a message as a stream of thought alongside your own, as a word or concept spelled out in your mind, or an inner voice. You may also receive mental images or symbols representing what your angels want you to know through telepathic communication.

Telepathic communication most often occurs short bursts of information, when your angels have a specific message to share with you. You may also receive a telepathic confirmation in the form of a yes-no answer, and this form of communication often appears in response to a question or specific situation.

Keep in mind, telepathic communication from angels is usually heard from within your head, not in an external audible way… When it is your angels communicating telepathically the messages will always be loving and helpful, even at times when the guidance offers a warning or a recommendation to change course. Whatever the message, when it is from angels, it will be given with love and light, so any fear or judgement based messages are not from your angels.

  1. Downloads From Spirit

Another common way in which angels communicate is by downloading you with entire concepts, ideas or blocks of thought. The angels use this method of communication when the information being communicated is just too much to be given telepathically with a few words, symbols, or pictures. Downloads of information from the angels will help you to understand illustrate the big picture, and receive large bulks of information or entirely new concepts.

If you do receive information in this way, you will quickly receive a full and complete picture… Downloads from the angels work in a similar way to when you download an entire book or audio course from the internet. All the information is compiled together, you download it all quickly at once, and then there is some sort of process for sorting through it, and uncovering what all you have received.

People who are creative or spiritually advanced will often receive information from the angels in this way so they can get a glimpse of the big picture or concept, and then uncover and fill in all the details of the download for themselves.

  1. Inner Knowing

For many people, angels offer their guidance, and reassurance through a deep sense of inner knowing. If you receive communication from the angels in this way you will just know things.

It’s like a deep feeling of knowing truth. It may be hard to put into words the guidance you receive form the angels in this way,… But that doesn’t make it any less effective or powerful. Inner knowing often comes as a sort of validation, but it can also be used be the angels to relay entire concepts, ideas, or insight into your next steps…

It’s not that you hear, see, or consciously tune into the guidance… But rather it’s like from out of nowhere (from the angels) a deep knowing appears and is felt throughout your entire being, at soul level. 

  1. Dreams and Meditation

During times of sleep and meditation your conscious ego mind lets down it’s guard, allowing you to tap into higher consciousness. As a result communication with angels, loved ones and spirit guides becomes possible.

Through dream and meditative communication, you may receive guidance from your angels in a number of ways… All channeled through your subtle psychic senses.

Receiving clear telepathic messages, feeling the love and presence of your angles, seeing imagery, or receiving downloads are all possible within a dream or meditation space.

  1. Signs

Angels are incredibly pure and light filled spiritual beings… In addition, sometimes although they are trying to contact you telepathically through your dreams or feelings, you may miss their guidance and messages completely. For this reason, signs are an incredibly common way for angels to communicate.

Angels use all sorts of signs and signals to alert you to their presence. Some common ones are finding feathers, seeing recurring number sequences, noticing flashes of light, hearing music, finding coins and much more! You can learn more about the top signs from angels here.

When you do receive a sign from your angels, the main purpose is to alert you to their presence. When you notice a sign from your angels there is likely an underlying communication as well.