5 Ways A Soul Can Make A Difference In Death ~ Billy Caputo

In death, a person becomes a free soul who has lost their body.

This person can then advance on to make differences in all the people’s lives they ever wanted to everywhere they want with no limitations at all.

Here are just a few ways a soul can go on to make a difference after their death:

  • They can help encourage others to build a foundation in their name; bringing their message to the masses and healing other victims and survivors, helping so many people.
  • Their death can bring about new laws, making the world at large a collectively better, safer place for people just like them. More helping. And massive healing.
  • They can visit friends and whisper advice in their ear. People who are clairaudient often don’t even realize it, which is what makes this possible.
  • They can stand in the aura of their loved ones at any time and transfer claircognizant thoughts or funny images/memories to them.
  • They can help orchestrate good things happening to you, as part of your now spirit team. When we have friends that die early, they often become spirit guides of the living and act as a new part of a person’s guidance team.

In addition to an early death being a karma cycle that has completed, it can also mark a leap up in a soul’s desire and readiness for advancement on a karmic level.