The Wild One.

We all know this type of person. They party as hard as they can, they go out and do crazy stuff, and they have nearly no regard for their own well being or the well being of others.

This type of person is actually very toxic and should be avoided at all costs.

The Complainer.

Complaining is alright, really. But it’s the first step of a process.

Identifying problems and talking them out is an important part of finding a solution, but when it’s all complaining and no action, you’re really just begging for attention.

This type of person is totally toxic.

The Cynic.

I’ve always thought it to be important to have people in your life who question you, who hold your feet to the fire, and maybe even doubt you.

These people are good sounding boards for your ideas and can help you hone in on your ideas.

Sad to say, the cynic isn’t like this. They’re all critiques and no ideas. They have nothing but negative feelings about anything and it’s downright toxic.

The Rage-r.

This type of person is like a volcano. They’re fine one moment but then they blow up and destroy everything in their path.

Anger is a serious problem, and it’s important to get under control, but without any control, they’re only toxic.

The Drama Queen.

Everyone knows a drama queen. They freak out over everything and are usually total gossips. These kind of people know one thing only: conflict. Let them go.

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