5 Texting  Tips GUARANTEED To Keep Him Interested! ~ Billy Caputo

Play it cool!

Are you ready to keep the ball in your court with the new guy you’re datin? Take charge of your budding relationship and lead with my tips!

1. “Who is this?” Always completely throws them off their game. You can follow up once they tell you who they are with a quick apology about a new phone, but the power will have already shifted — to you!

2. “Sorry, bad cell service. Call you tomorrow.”  It will invoke major curiosity as to where you are and who you are with that is so important, you can’t go somewhere with reception. And then don’t call — trust us, he will.

3. “Cool.” Use as an answer to an invitation he seems to be excited about. If he writes, “I want to take you to a nice dinner tomorrow night,” you can just be savvy and aloof and reply “Cool.”

4. “Good to hear from you!”  This leaves them feeling like you have been so jammed busy since he left your radar last time and have met so many amazing people since, that it actually feels even longer to you because he is so far in your past. This will motivate him to write more — and stay fresh in your mind!!

5. “Thanks sexy. X” Have you ever dated a player who was always “hey baby” this and “hi sweetie” that, and you just knew that you were far from the only girl he used these sweet nothings with? End every text messageexchange with this. First, it is flattering, and that will make his chest puff up with pride. But keep it such a part of your vocab that he realizes it is not necessarily something special, and make him wonder who else you sign off with ‘sexy’ and ‘x’ too!

A few final relationship tips …

Make sure he always texts last, no matter what. And if you find that no matter how hard you try to do this, he always manages to leave you hanging, then just don’t respond right in the middle of a conversation. Trust us — he will write again.

Keep texts as short as possible. Don’t be the girl that writes the book and gets no response. Even throw in one word responses often, like “nice” and “wow.” The one who puts in the least amount of effort wins!