Common Signs That a Departed Loved One is Contacting You

The spirit realm is an energetic one. That means you must be on the right vibrational frequency to connect with it. When your vibration is just right, the spirit gets a window to communicate to the physical world and you.

1. Deceased Loved Ones Visiting in Dreams

Deceased loved ones visiting in dreams is a popular mode of communication between the living and the dead. But how do you tell a visitation or psychic vision from an ordinary dream? According to WebMD and, you dream between 4 and 10 times each night.

But even with so many dreams, when you wake up, you remember only a few of the dreams you had the previous night. Instances of deceased loved ones visiting in dreams are slightly different – they are so vivid that they are memorable long after waking up.

Dreams have classifications. A dream as vivid as that of a visitation from a departed soul falls under the lucid category. Lucid dreams are also known as visions. These are often the types of dreams that stir you to wake in the middle of the night. Sometimes, you might subconsciously be aware of deceased loved ones visiting in dreams. However, you won’t necessarily recognize it consciously.

2. Psychic Medium Readings Clarify Electrical Current Meanings

I used to see this particular sign many times as a child in movies. Still, little did I know that spirits communicate using electrical currents even in real life. For the longest time, people have reported a shift in electrical energy when a loved one visits you. That presence manifests itself sometimes in the flickering of lights. But because of how effortlessly spirits can manipulate electricity, they do more than trigger a flicker in lights. Over many psychic medium readings, it has become clear that other signs show deceased loved ones communicating. Like strange phone calls and uncanny songs or channels on the stereo are some of the ways spirits communicate with us.

The stereo might even turn on by itself and start playing a song with a significant connection to the departed. Or the sign might be an electrical malfunction that is hard to explain logically. Either way, paying attention to weird electrical phenomena may help you catch that message from your loved one on the other side.

3. Do the Dead Know We Miss and Love Them? Yes, and They Send Signs & Symbols

Signs come from the dead because they know we miss and love them. There are many forms, including numbers and symbols. Those signs and symbols often start appearing more than once and repetitively. They become what Carl Jung termed synchronicity. But first, what is synchronicity?

According to Carl Jung, it’s “a meaningful coincidence of multiple events where something other than the likelihood of chance is involved.” In other words, when the same signs keep coming up, it goes beyond luck and chance. At this point, you realize that this has transitioned into a realm beyond the physical. These synchronicities become a medium.Through which our unconscious mind and higher self is receiving messages from beyond.

This can be unnerving, but experiencing it means that you can explore the meaning and significance of these coincidences in your life as a whole.

4. You Can Sense Your Deceased Loved One

Another of the 5 clear signs a deceased loved one is near you is your senses, which can come in many forms. Among them is the sense of smell. Have you ever entered a room and caught even the tiniest waft of a fragrance you associate with a deceased loved one? Like they are nearby? Some people have a unique smell that makes us remember them. It can be from cologne or perfume. There have even been reports of people smelling a departed’s favorite food or cigarette smoke in some instances. Other times, you might feel like a deceased loved one is in your presence. Of course, you can’t touch them or lay a finger on from where exactly that feeling comes. But it happens frequently and is often a turning point for most skeptics.

Sometimes, a departed loved one can manifest their presence through an energy shift or an inexplicable physical shift of an object. Although this one is less common, touch is another recognizable psychic medium sensation when deceased loved ones are visiting. Contact might feel like hugs, hair brushing, taps, or holding hands. Often, this is a gesture meant to give you a sense of calm. It’s the spirit communicating. They are telling you that everything is going to be okay.

5. The Last of the 5 Clear Signs a Deceased Loved One is Near You is Seeing a Cardinal

This last of the 5 clear signs a deceased loved one is near you is the most well-known one. This quote has been around for years: “Cardinals appear when angels are near.”

Cardinals represent that you have a visitor from heaven. There is loads of meaning behind this pretty red bird. Click here to learn all about cardinals. It’s common to hear someone mention that they saw a cardinal after someone they love dies. If a cardinal appears outside your window or near you, it’s trying to get your attention. Your loved one is reminding you of the times you had together! They want you to know they are with you. You’re not alone.

Are All These a Guarantee That a Deceased Loved One is Visiting?

While these are some of the universal signs that a deceased loved one is visiting, they are only a few possible signs. And even then, they are not always easy to notice. Recognizing or identifying real signs of communication from the spirit world sometimes takes silence and stillness. While some people can easily experience it, others have so much emotional pain that it’s hard to spot these subtle signs from beyond.

A message from a deceased loved one can sometimes be a challenge to translate. Connecting the dots to decipher the message is a matter of thinking back to your time together. Old habits you two kept or little special moments are sometimes signs. At times though, it seems impossible to decipher what they are trying to tell you.

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