Why you should buy a smartphone with a removable battery! ~ Billy Caputo

In the last couple of years we have seen more and more phones made out of different kinds of metal ( mainly aluminum ). One of the main disadvantages to this is the fact that these phones for the most part has non removable batteries. In fact the only aluminum phone I can remember ever to have a removable battery was the now 5 year old HTC Legend. So it’s not like it can’t be done.

It would seem that phone manufacturers chooses to make these phones based on the public outcry for premium phones. The next time you make a comment on a forum or on someone’s website, take a moment to think about the negative sides to having a phone mainly built for the purpose of looking good.

  • If your phone is frozen.

A lot can be said about the advantages of modern day cell phones, but due to the complexity of the way they work they sometimes freezes. No matter what you do it simply won’t respond. The fastest and easiest fix for this problem is to remove the battery for a second. This way ,when you reenter the battery and boot your phone again it will most likely work like a charm again. If it does not you will most likely have to buy a new phone or have it sent to a service center.

  • Waterdamage.

The first thing you should do if your phone gets wet is to remove the battery. This way you will minimize the chances of your phone being ruined forever. If you can get the battery out before something shorts out you will be on the right track towards saving your phone. The next thing you should so is to put it in a bowl of dry rice for a few days. Through the miracle of osmosis, the rice will “pull” the water out of your phone.

  • Batteries deteriorates.

As your battery charges it slowly deteriorates. After a year or two your battery will most likely have lost much of it’s ability to retain that all important battery juice. If you got a phone with a replaceable battery you could simply buy a new one and replace it quite simply. If your battery is unreachable you will likely have to pay someone a lot of money to have it replaced or even more expensive option, buy a new phone.

  • Emergency battery

Lots of phones has power saving features built into their system. Some phones can actually last for weeks using these features. But it’s going to limit the way you interact with your phone. Most times these power saving modes will have you going without Wi-Fi and lots of other goodies we have come to take for granted. To prevent this from happening you could rather get a spare battery to get you through the day. Having a spare battery on a phone that has a non removable battery is … well useless.

  • Untraceable.

Supposed you would like to get of the grid for whatever reason, and you would like to bring your phone with you. Remove the battery. This way your phone will stop transmitting, due to the lack of power.