5 Reasons Why Women Hate Each Other ~ Billy Caputo

What do most women have in common? Well beside the fact that they are wallet emptiers, soap opera specialist and hardcore foot shoppers, they actually hate each other. Women are always up into each others throat over many simple things. Leave it up to a woman to hold a grudge with another woman for decades. They are beautiful species, but when they are at each others throat they can really be transformed into devils. Here we look at five reasons why women hate each other.


Men Snatching

Yes, a woman will wolf it out when it comes on to some other woman confiscating her man. Women are not natural hunters and when they do capture a man, their aim is to keep him, for life, till death literally do them part. Women have a different sense of whom should belong to who when it comes on to having a man. A Woman will see a gorgeous man with not such a gorgeous woman and decide that they are not a right match and that type of man would actually fit being with her better. What this boils down to is that woman moving unto another woman’s territory. She will go all out to get the man away from that other woman who she believes is not deserving of him. It may not have to do anything with looks either. Women tend to love to look at other peoples relationship and analyze it from outside. So if they think John is the sweetest guy in town and has a kick for Jeannie who is quite a meany, they will actually go all out to end that unmatched relationship. Now how the hate comes in is when the woman who’s man is being stolen puts up a very nasty resistance. And there the battle of the century begins. The hate for each other will rumble like the stomach of a monk fasting for weeks.


Looking Too Good

What is it about women that when they see another woman actually looking even more smashing than they do, they begin to hate on that next lady? There will always be people that have different physical features. Features that may look more appealing to our eyes than others. The fact is that no matter how we try to down play it, what is on the outside really matters. Some women have got the entire package when it comes on to looking fabulous, they have the body, hair, height and face. They know how to put themselves together and know how to be the candle in the blackout. Some women who know that they have this package some times tend to rub it in on another woman’s face as being the only worthwhile chicken in the coop. The woman who is doing the envy actually believes that the wanna be Marilyn Monroe is there to actually take opportunities that should actually be hers. Women will hate on women simply because they are more gorgeous than they are. Maybe its just a genetic build up.


Getting Too Much Attention

Women will hate other women simply because they believe another woman is getting more attention than deserved. This was observed at several locations and i carefully noted the women’s reactions during the incidents. At the office several men pass and tell a lady good morning and moves on, no compliment no small chitchat nothing. They move further down the cubicles and see another lady and they all stop and say good morning, run a couple of jokes, speaks about work, have some good laugh and then moves on. The first lady sits at her desk looking down the line and then makes a negative statement about why men seems to be magnet to the other lady instead of her. She hates on the woman for simply getting more attention that she did not even ask for, its not like she placed a stop here laugh and chat poster at her cubicle. When several women are together they will tear each other apart to demand the attention that they think they deserve.


Husband / Boyfriend Braggers

When a woman thinks that she has struck gold and believes that what the next lady has is coal. She will eventually go on an everlasting brag about her husband and his attributes. Women who have husbands holding high offices or are successful business owners, talented musicians or sports person seems to have a secret club called “lets see who can brag about their husbands the most”. They will go out with their girlfriends and no matter what topic is being discussed they always find a way to squeeze in something about their husband. No! it has nothing to do with being madly in love and always thinking about your spouse, it is simply a constant reminder to everyone else of what your husband has that hers do not or what your husband can do what hers can’t. So suppose the gang of girls are all out picking out pink purses and something comes up like changing where they shop. Little Mrs. Husband Bragger will drop in something like. “Well, we can head over by the mall that my husband built, you know that he is actually on of the best paid architect in Colorado, he is so amazing. Yesterday he was nominated for…..yadda yadda yadda… chat chat. As the day progresses she simply continues to husband brag while being hated on and losing a couple friends on the way.


Lifestyle Flasher

The Johnson owns yachts, planes and cars. The Romero’s own a couple of shoes and a bat nesting asbestos roof two bedroom home with bathtubs made for dwarves. Mrs Romero and Mrs Johnson are friends to an extent. But as soon as Mrs. Johnson is out of site, Mrs Romero begins the demolition. She can’t stand Mrs Johnson because Mrs Johnson is simply too flashy. She wears the biggest diamonds to the bingo game and even when its hot outside, she engulfs herself in the most expensive furs and expects a grand introduction even when she enters the bathroom. Women are natural born flashers and once they are in that capacity to flash their lifestyle, they will. Women will hate other women who portray to be too flashy around them.

Well, just in case you decided not to read the entire article (only God knows why) and skip to this last paragraph to see what the end is about, or you are just one of those females who can’t handle the truth about your own species. I will simply place back my pointers here.

Women hate other women because:

  • Women will take away other women’s men simply because they believe he belongs to them
  • Women will dislike another for looking too good
  • If another woman seems to be getting too much attention
  • If a woman brags about her husband constantly
  • Is always flashing their lifestyle in their faces

So ladies, if for some reason you seem to be constantly hated on or incrementally losing a few friends. Bookmark this page so you can recheck this list to see if you portray any of these that will make other women hate you!