5 Reasons Guys Don’t Respond to Your Dating Profile ~ Billy Caputo

1. You Have a Generic, Boring Profile 

If your profile sounds just like every other woman’s profile , you can’t expect to attract that special “needle in a haystack” guy that you wish you could meet. You must make your profile stand out and make it sound more interesting than the rest. If you profile consist mostly of chest beating, biographical information about where you were born and raised, where you went to school, and talking about how much you love your life and traveling, it’s not going to get the attention of guys who are unique and different.

2. You Posted Trashy Pictures On Your Profile.  

Duck lips, club/bar photos of you posing with your drunken friends, and overly provocative photos are not going to send any guy a message that you are mostly about appearance and there is not much to you on the inside. Even a boring office photos is better than those other images that make you look like you belong in “Girls Gone Wild”.

3. Your Profile Has No Text, But Only Pictures

No, it’s not true that guys don’t read what girls write and only look at pictures. Well, let me take this back. Some guys do and some guys don’t.  The guys who you would consider to be decent most likely read your profile, especially if it’s interesting and thought provoking. This is because they know that there are many pretty girls out there, but very few of them have the inside to match. If you can write a few compelling paragraphs to give some insight into what you are about to the reader of your profile, there is no excuse not to do it.

4. You Have a Long List of Deal Breakers

If your profile has too many “Don’t contact me if…”‘s, you may think that it makes you come across a picky, but in reality it makes you sound like you have been bruised by your past dating experience, and every deal breaker you list represents a negative experience you actually had. This makes you sound like you assume the worst about guys you meet until proven otherwise. Many, if not most, decent guys prefer to stay away from women with that kind of scarred mindset.

5. You Are Overweight 

There is no way around it. If you are overweight, most guys will not want to talk to you or meet you. Call this lame or superficial, but this is not going to change the well established nature of men and what they want. Losing weight should be the very first and the most important thing you do to improve your dating life, and this applies to every aspect of it, including meeting guys online. No matter what Oprah, Tyra Banks, etc… said about loving yourself for who you are and being confident, no matter how much your weight, it doesn’t hold ground in reality. I often see an overweight woman who seems to be so particular about the kind of dress and shoes she is wearing and how her make up is done. She appears to be focusing on things that have a collateral importance to her overall looks, instead of focusing on the much more important element of her appearance – the shape of her body.