5 Reasons Why Consulting With a Psychic isn’t Evil ~ Billy Caputo

If there’s one thing that’s certain it’s this: we psychics get a bad rep. Whether it’s due to the fear of the unexplainable, or whether it seems to clash with the message of an individual’s religion or spirituality, there are many reasons why psychics often have a negative social stigma in our society. However, by applying the same logic that no two people are alike, or that just because one person in a group may be bad, doesn’t mean that the entire group is bad, you can begin to understand that the same can be said of psychics. If you have a keen interest in seeking a psychic, but are torn between the belief that they are associated with evil, try and adopt an open mind while you read this article. Here are five simple reasons why consulting a psychic is not be as terrible as you may think:

Is consulting a psychic evil or not?

Good Energy Vs. Bad Energy

  1. Most psychics are selective in what energy they choose to feed into. What does that mean exactly? Well, there are generally two types of energy: positive and negative, or light and dark. While there are psychics that work with dark energies mainly, there are also those who stave off dark energy and are only drawn to the light. Positive, or light, energy can basically be described as the “good” energy – in simple terms. Good energy does not have bad intentions, and is not evil. Good energy can be neutral, or it can be extremely positive, such as the energy that is associated with guardian angels. Psychics are very mindful of the stark contrast in energies, and this allows them to differentiate between what energy they wish to attract when practicing their work and when doing readings for clients. Since energy feeds off of energy, if a psychic solely works with positive energy, he or she will not attract dark energy, and will steer clear of welcoming any negativity they can sense.

Helpers Syndrome

  1. They are there to help people. Yes, most psychics just want to help people. Whether it’s working through work problems, family issues, or personal obstacles, psychics or clairvoyants usually just want to use their gifts to help you work through it. As long as you are relaxed and feel comfortable with your psychic, you’ll feel like you’re talking with your best friend, or a therapist. What’s so evil about that?

A tip: Before the psychic reading commences, try and rid yourself of the idea that the psychic is out to get you. Take a deep breathe, get to know your psychic a bit beforehand, and simply relax and be open.

Your Best Interest

  1. Most psychics have your best interest in mind. From the clairvoyant’s perspective, they must be very careful with what they say, and how they say it. They are mindful of how their clients will interpret the information they give them, because they want to avoid any misunderstandings or misinterpretations as much as possible. The information they share with you tends to be as neutral and generalized as possible, because specifics aren’t set in stone, and they don’t want you to create this mentality that what they say is permanent. Most psychics really do have your best interest at heart, and they use their gifts to express their concern for what you will take away when you walk out of their reading.

On being a true Guide

  1. The point of their reading is to help guide you, not make decisions for you. Most people consult psychics when they are torn in a dilemma, or when they are facing a major decision. They seek a psychic reading because they want to feel secure in the belief that the psychic can see the future, and the psychic knows which decision is best. However, this is not so. The psychic simply uses their gifts to guide you. They will lay out the options for you, and help you to see the bigger picture in your dilemma. But they will not tell you how to live your life, and they do not have exact answer for you – they simply want to help you find the answer within yourself.

A tip: Don’t expect your psychic to directly make decisions for you. Instead, try   and take in all the information they are giving you with an open mind, and use it        to make your own decision-process easier.

They are “just” people…

  1. Psychics don’t always live up to society’s stereotypes. While it’s true that some psychics cast dark spells with potions and magical concoctions, not all do. In fact, there are quite a few psychics out there who refuse to work with spells at all. It may be a bit of a thrill to imagine your psychic stooped over a bubbling cauldron, with a pointed black hat and a high-pitched cackle erupting, but don’t get your hopes up. Most psychics look just like ordinary people, and don’t believe in magic.

xox billy