Your loved ones and friends who’ve passed want to connect with you just as much as you want to connect with them.
Clients ask me all the time how they can connect with their loved ones or friends who’ve passed away and while the answer is fairly pretty simple, it does require a bit of Patience and Persistence, or as I like to refer to them, the 2 P’s. Patience in understanding that our two worlds are vastly different operating at different frequency’s of energy and ways of travel and Persistence in trying to provide for a mutual connection.
1. Always start with prayer and ask spirit for the healing of all those in this life to find themselves FREE of emotional and physical Pain.
2. Ask for your angels and spirit guides to reveal themselves and help you to make connections with your loved ones with pure love and light.
3. Practice daily meditation for 10 mins.
4. Learn to use mechanical devices such as digital recorders, also known as Electronic Voice Phenomena, and record short recordings asking your loved ones simple questions. Carefully listen back and write down responses. This will require time and practice.
There are other ways to make a connection with passed loved ones such as Automatic Writing, a Psychic, a Seance and the Ouija board. I always recommend you closing out each session with a prayer along with Sage.
Remember, the keywords are Patience and Persistence here. Many give up, only trying once or twice but think about this..if you only go to the gym once in a while, or eat healthy once a week, what kind of results can you really expect? Probably not much. For both sides to make a connection we must meet each other half way. We must pray for ourselves and other’s. Many I know don’t pray for other’s, let alone themselves. Now’s the time to try. Make that commitment if you truly want the spiritual rewards. If you have any question’s, ask away. Until next time ~ Billy