The best way to find ghosts in your house is by using cameras and recorders to get evidence of visual or audio abnormalities. Try holding a seance or contacting your ghosts via Ouija board to learn more about their presence and politely ask them to leave your home. If communicating with the spirit doesn’t work, walk through your home with smoldering sage leaves. To learn about getting help from paranormal investigators or church officials, read on!

Communicating With Ghosts

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    Ask the ghost what their business is. If you suspect that your home is host to an otherworldly being, take the direct approach and attempt to speak to them. Ask them who they were, what they want and why their spirit is trapped in your home. While a ghost is unlikely to engage you in conversation, you may receive signs of its presence in other ways, such as doors opening or closing on their own, or manipulation of the environment that provides clues to what the ghost’s intentions are.

    • Some good questions you might ask are “what is your name?” “why are you here?” “what do you want?” and “how did you die?”
    • Be sure you can handle a reply before you start asking questions.
  2. Commune with the spirit realm using a Ouija board. Though it’s often thought of as a silly toy or gimmick, the Ouija board has long been used to establish a connection to parts unknown. Have a friend join you in trying to make contact with the other side. First, each of you will place both hands on the wooden planchette. Then, you will pose questions for the ghost and await its response. If you feel the planchette begin to move, it may mean the ghost is trying to tell you something.

    • The ghost can answer “yes” or “no” by sliding the planchette over the words, while the individual letters on the board can be used to spell out more articulate responses.
    • Take it seriously. Don’t cheat by moving the planchette on your own, and ask your friend to do the same. You’ll never know whether you have a true haunting if you play around.
  3. Hold a seance. Assuming you’re reasonably sure that your house is haunted, the next step is to carry out a seance. Seances are ceremonies used to invite the dead to speak to the living. To perform a seance, you must gather with other believers around someone who is receptive to spiritual energies. A seance is a more formal method of contacting ghosts than simply attempting to speak with them. They are most effective when led by an experienced spiritualist or medium.[3]

    • Lower the lights, join hands and sit in silence while you wait for a ghost to show itself.
    • In order for a seance to be effective, skeptics should be asked to leave the room. Spiritualists claim that their negative attitudes act as a distraction and make spirits reluctant to interact.
  4. Interpret troubling dreams. Sometimes, ghost visitations occur in dreams, where it is said that the wall separating our world from the next is most permeable. When you have vivid, unsettling dreams, write down what you saw and experienced in them. Encountering people you don’t recognize or receiving cryptic messages in your dreams could be a spirit’s way of reaching out to you.

    • If you’re stumped about the meaning of a dream, consult with a spirit medium. These experts are commonly trained in dream analysis in addition to their other talents.