Psychic abilities come in many different forms and varieties. Though it is common for many people to believe that all true psychics must be able to tell everything about the future, psychic ability rarely works this way. Instead, there are a number of different ways that a people with psychic abilities and intuitive gifts may be able to receive information.

Chances are, you are at least a little bit psychic. We all have souls, and all have intuition. It can be something as simple as having a “gut feeling” about something, or knowing somebody will call you right before they do. Though not all of us have highly developed psychic abilities, everyone is hardwired with a sixth sense. In fact, this may even date back to pre-historic times where it would act as an evolutionary advantage.

Here are 4 of the most common psychic abilities:

1) Claircognizance

Claircognizance translates as “clear knowing.” Someone with claircognizance will simply know, with certainty, things that that they would have no logical way of knowing. They often get flashes of insight, such as having a profound feeling that danger is up ahead.

Example: You know for certain that you will have a new job be a certain period of time, or know that you should take a different route than you normally would and end up avoiding a car accident.

2) Clarivoyance

Clairvoyance translates as “clear seeing.” A clairvoyant is someone who is able to see intuitive information visually. A clairvoyant may simply see a number, a symbol, or a name written on a piece of paper. It doesn’t necessarily have to be anything too complex or dramatic. But the main ability is that they are able to receive information visually through their minds eye.

Example: You are able to guess if a coin landed on heads or tails at a rate significantly greater than would be expected by chance.

3) Clairaudience

Clairaudience translates as “clear hearing.” People with clairaudience receive information by literally hearing it in their head. They often feel as if there is a little voice telling them what they need to know, kind of like how we can hear our own voices in our head while we are reading.

Example: You receive information about an unseen event or future circumstance audibly, such as “Tuesday you’re going to run into an old friend”.

4) Clairsentience

Clairsentience translates as “clear feeling.” Those with clairsentience are often times referred to as empaths or intuitive empaths. This one is probably the most common psychic ability, as a lot of people can relate to having a strong empathic connection to others.

They can literally feel the emotions of other people, which is not always fun and games. When the people around them have negative emotions, it can be very physically and spiritually draining. Because intuitive empaths can feel what others are feeling, they are also often highly aware of when people around them are lying or being deceptive.

Example: Someone around you keeps telling you they’re “fine”, when you can feel literally feel that they are sad or angry.

Psychics Vs Mediums

It’s important to note that physics are not mediums. Psychics are about to receive information around them outside of the 5 senses, where as mediums are able to communicate with spirits who have passed over. When we hear the word “psychic”, we often think of someone who claims to be a fortune teller, or someone claims to have supernatural abilities that allow them to communicate with deceased relatives.

But the truth is, we all naturally have psychic abilities. It’s not some New Age concept or a pseudoscientific issue. It’s simply a matter of looking to the data of our human experience and comparing it with others. Our souls and biological organisms are hardwired with a 6th sense, and every single person can testify to having at least some instance experience of their own psychic ability.