3 Ways a Psychic Reading Can Help You

A true psychic reading can knock your socks off. It can make you laugh, cry, and say “Aha!” You can feel it resonate in your soul. In this article, you’ll learn three ways in which intuitive readings can help you be happier and more confident.

Over the years, I’ve noticed that there are three distinct ways in which a true psychic reading can make a person more confident and happy. They are:

1. Validation: “I Knew It!”
Many people who consult psychic readers are looking for validation. That may sound a bit odd. After all, why would you pay a psychic to confirm what you already know?

I’ll use myself as an example. What I want is to be validated. I want to know that I’m on a path towards joy and that what I’m thinking and feeling is correct. I want the psychic or tarot card reader, via connecting with my Spirit Guides, reading my energy, or using their own clairvoyance, to tell me “Yes, what your feeling is correct!”

For example, when I started this website, I knew in my gut that it would help a lot of people. However, the “human” side of me wanted someone unbiased to say, “Why yes! Your Spirit Guides think that is a wonderful idea!”

If I’m trying to make a decision, I want to be validated that the choice I’m making is the best one for my soul, and the one that will bring me the most joy.

As an psychic reader myself, I started noticing that about 95% of the people I’ve given readings to are looking for the same things.

I’ve heard “I knew it!” many times, and people always seem to gain a sense of confidence having their thoughts and feelings validated.

Here’s another example:

You’ve taken on a new business partner. You have a great feeling about her. You ask the reader about this, and she tells you the good qualities about the partner, and what she will bring to the table. She’s just confirmed what you are feeling, and you feel good about your choice. Feelings of unease melt away and you move forward in your business with confidence.

2. Resonate: ” I Feel It!”
Ready to learn the second way a true psychic reading can make you feel happier and more confident?

The information will resonate with you, right down to your soul.

The information and/or messages feel right. You may find yourself saying, “Yes!”
You are moved to tears and feel a sense of release.
A sense of joy overcomes you (it may sound corny, but it does happen!)
You feel a chill run down your back, or the hairs on your arms stand up.
You feel uplifted when the reading is over.
All of these emotions will also help you feel validated!

3. Inspire & Insight: “I See”
A true psychic reading can can also bring joy and confidence by making you feel inspired and offer insight. When an intuitive consult has inspired you or given you insight, you may

get excited about life and it’s possibilities
learn something new about yourself
have a moment where something suddenly clicks and makes sense
have an “Aha” moment – a moment of awakening
When this happens, you can feel it in your soul. Somehow, it just feels right and gets you excited. It may be the moment you let go of fear.