3 Real Ways to Get a Man to Love You ~ Billy Caputo

Many women seek ways to get the men of their dreams to notice them and often report that they will do “whatever it takes” even if it includes manipulation.

Here are some ways to make your man fall in love with you that do not include manipulation, but simply by being your best self:

1. Be economically autonomous

Studies show that many married women report factoring in finances when choosing a mate due to urgent financial concerns.  A woman who is economically autonomous is not only likelier to make a clear-headed decision when looking for a husband but also can be less likely to exude desperation or neediness.

A woman with no imminent financial needs might base her decision on chemistry and compatibility, rather than her prospective suitor’s finances—which might lead to a healthier marriage…Furthermore, men often report having been attracted to the image of independence that their spouse’s financial autonomy telegraphed, in the beginning of the relationship.

2. Be disciplined

Research indicates that a leading reason men often report not calling a woman for a second date is due to perceived addictive behaviors. If you drink, smoke, spend, exercise or do anything a little too much, it could be a great idea to try to curb these behaviors before you enter the dating pool.

Balancing out your life and vices can be a great practice for you regardless of whether or not you’re looking for a husband. Thus, getting help with your addictions is a win-win and definitely something worth addressing.

3. Be open to making friends

Men often complain that women make it obvious on first dates that they’re seeking a husband or a serious relationship right away. Changing your intentions with the dating process can not only alleviate the pressure of finding a mate for life, but also might open you up to a more rewarding dating experience.

Going on dates purely with the intention of meeting new people and seeing what might happen—whether it’s finding a husband or boyfriend, or simply making a new friend can make the entire experience more relaxed and fun for you.  Furthermore, you might start making new friends and enhancing your life in the process—rather than simply feeling discouraged when each date doesn’t lead to something serious.  This attitude may also, potentially, make you seem more attractive to men, at the same time, by making you seem less desperate or driven than other women to attach yourself to someone right away.