2 Questions Not to Ask On Dating Sites ~ Billy Caputo

There are two common questions that people who meet online love to ask when they finally go out on a date and meet each other in person, that don’t need to be asked, as they add nothing good to your conversation, and if anything – they interfere with any potential for that minimal mystery that should be present to create a spark and connection:

  1. How often do you do this? – Women especially love asking this question. I am not sure what knowing the answer is supposed to accomplish. What difference will it really make if the guy goes on two dates a week or one date every three months? How is this going to enhance their interaction?  Will you really believe that you are the only one, and is it really fair to expect that in the online dating world with thousands, upon thousands of profiles?  You may believe that people who go out on too many dates are harder to “pin down” and make focus on one person, and you might be right. But… under the risk of sounding overly cynical – would you really take another person’s word for how often the meet people on line?
  2. How do you like this site so far? or Did you have much luck on this site yet?  – What does “liking the site”  or “luck” mean? Does it mean liking the interface and the user experience, or liking the members, or liking the “results” of trying to contact other members, whatever that might mean. And how finding out whether your date likes the site or not is going to contribute to your getting to know them. To some people luck means getting laid, while to others it means nothing short of finding a lover and a partner for life. And yet there is a third group of people who are somewhere in between and who would be perfectly fine, at least for now, with multiple short-term relationships.

I suggest that you avoid asking the above questions on your date, and instead spend time talking about many other things that are far more interesting, funny or both.