15 Reasons Why Men Marry ~ Billy Caputo

1. Marriage allows me to show my love in a way that nothing else can.
“It is a symbolic gesture of our love and commitment to one another. The wedding itself gives friends and family an excuse to even for a day truly celebrate our relationship and life together.”

2. Marriage provides a stable environment for kids.
“I want to have kids. A marriage provides — theoretically — the most stable environment in which to raise children.”

3. Because of marriage, the woman I love can become my family.
“Because I love her, and I want her to be my family, and I want a legal document that will tell the world that she is my family.”

4. Marriage is a money saver.
“The benefits, the benefits. There are 1,138 federal benefits to a legally recognized marriage.”

5. It allows me to fully commit myself to one person.
“Commitment. Marriage is a promise that we’ll be together for life. Most of my acquaintances have a fair-weather relationship. If things get shitty for them, I’m not there. And in turn, if things get shitty for me, they won’t be there for me. Marriage is a promise that you’ll be there for each other even when things are shitty. Furthermore, it’s one that you’ve made in front of your family and the world, so you’re more likely to work to keep it.”

6. Life is easier when you have a partner by your side.
“Marriage is awesome. I’m celebrating my 5 year anniversary in about a week and it was the best decision I have ever made. Improving myself is easier because I always have someone in my corner. The good things are more exciting and the bad things are more manageable when you don’t have to handle them alone.”

7. The thought of loving someone forever makes me happy.
“I want to be able to spend the rest of my life with someone who I love and who loves me back. Thinking about it makes me very happy.”

8. I don’t want to lose the greatest thing that’s ever happened to me.
“I got married because I honestly couldn’t see myself finding anyone like my wife, let alone a better fit for me as a partner through life.”

9. I believe traditions are important.
“The legal benefits are a pretty strong argument for it if nothing else. Then there is the wedding itself which is always fun, plus I think there is something to be said for traditions, even if the actual ceremony wouldn’t resemble a traditional wedding in so many ways.”

10. I would do anything for the woman I love, including marry her.
“Because it made my wife happy, and I love her so much that I’d do anything to make her smile.”

11. I’m excited to create an awesome family to make up for the one I never had.
“My parents got divorced when I was in fourth grade, and it made me pretty jaded about marrying someone … When I think back on all of it, it actually makes me want to get married.  Having a really awesome family of my own and doing everything I can to ensure that none of that ever happens to my children is one of my largest life goals. It’s my own way of correcting what happened in my own childhood.”

12. I want to spend my life with my BFF by my side.
“I get to spend my life with my best friend, whom I admire and love tremendously.”

13. I love the idea of committing to someone who accepts me for who I am.
“I want to have someone who knows everything about me, and accepts and supports it by my side forever. I’m quite scared of it, especially after seeing my parents marriage but I definitely yearn for that companionship.”

14. Marriage simply makes logical sense.
“Saying, ‘my wife’ is shorter than saying, ‘my girlfriend.'”

15. Life is so much better with a spouse.
“Honestly there’s no aspect of

[life] that’s better than being in a relationship. Sex? Better in a relationship. Doing shit together? Better in a relationship (as long as you both like the stuff.) I don’t want to marry just some girl I get along with, but if there is a girl I know I could be happy with for the rest of my life, then why shouldn’t I ask her to marry me?”