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14 Reasons It Sucks When Your Single Friends Start Dating!

 There’s nothing worse than when your single friend meets someone. You want to be happy for them, you really do… but you know that everything will change when they start dating. You no longer have your best friend by your side because she’s too busy swanning off with her new bae. It changes the whole dynamic of your friendship and you won’t be as close as you used to be.

You wind up feeling painfully alone and deathly afraid that you’re going to be the last single one in your circle of friends. Or maybe you don’t care about that. Maybe you’re sick of their patronizing comments about you being single. You don’t want to become all boring and grown up like them either. You’re probably a little bit jealous, but let’s be honest: mostly, you miss them sooo much. Why can’t we all just stay young, free and single forever?

Here are 14 reasons why it sucks when your single friends start dating.

14.  You Lose Your Single Sisters

 When you were single before, you and your friends were single together! Now you’re REALLY alone. Previously you were sisters in arms, who stood together and declared you were single and proud. You weren’t bothered by silly insignificant matters like dating. In fact you were quite against it. It gave you great pleasure to mock your friends that were all coupled up and sickly-sweet with their partners. Who are you going to have those kind of lols with now?

13. You Have Nobody To Hang Out With

The trouble is that when your single friends start dating, they’re doing just that: going on dates. Prior to them finding their boo, you would hit the bars on a Friday night or catch a movie together. Unfortunately Friday night is now date night so they’re always out with their s/o. They might invite you along to whatever they’re doing but you don’t bother because who wants to be the third wheel? That leaves you alone at home, twiddling your thumbs. And by twiddling your thumbs, I really mean swiping left and right on Tinder looking for a date of your own.

12. You Aren’t As Close Anymore

When you’re lucky enough to have good friends, you become really close to them. So close to them that you might as well be dating each other. You’re always messaging and snapchatting throughout the day. You have fun nights out and cozy nights in. You fight, then kiss and make up. The only difference between your friend and your s/o is that you’re not sleeping with your friend! But when your BFF starts dating somebody you get pushed aside. Their time is spent sending cute snapchats to their new guy/gal, not to you.

11. You Lose Your +1 At Events

Have you ever gone out for dinner with friends, only to realize you’re the only single person at the table? For some reason, it’s always so awkward. They tell joint stories, share food and do other adorable stuff that makes you want to vom. Now you’re the only one who doesn’t have a date to bring to any occasion like that. You’d previously bring a single friend to accompany you, or you’d ditch the couples-fest and go out to dinner with a group of single pringles. That all changes when your single friends start dating.

10. They Don’t Pay You Much Attention

Even when you do get a chance to hang out with your friends who have recently begun dating, they might as well not be there. They’ll have their hands glued to their phone the entire time, chatting to the person they’ve been seeing. When somebody is hanging out with you, you want them to not be distracted by other people. It’s stupid – you know for a fact that it’s not an important conversation they’re having – they’re probably just sending each other random emojis and flirting.

9. You Lose Your Wing-Girl

Oh man, this is one of the biggest reasons why it sucks when your girls start dating. You don’t have anybody to prowl for hotties with! They don’t need to pick up guys anymore… but you do! It’s really not fair to you, because every girl needs her wing-girl! When you go with a friend to chat to a group of sexy people together, it’s no big deal. When you go chat with a group of sexy people alone, you’re just weird. Or maybe somebody who hits on her at a bar happens to have a cute friend for you! How on earth are you going to get laid now without your wing-girl backing you up?

8.  They Change When Their BF/GF Is Around

When your single friends start dating it can change the group dynamic completely. They start bringing their boyfriends/girlfriends along on social occasions. The trouble is, your formerly single friend might start acting differently because their new lover is there. They can’t talk to you as much because they have to look after their partner. They’re also a lot less care-free since they’re too busy trying not to do something stupid in front of their date.

7. They Patronize You About Your Singledom

We all know that when your single friends find someone they start saying things like, “You’re amazing – you’ll meet someone soon,” and, “The right one will come along when you least expect it.” And you’re like, wait a minute, I’m pretty sure you were as single as I am three weeks ago so what are you even talking about?! Single people can’t stand that stuff. Yes, we know we’re single but don’t try to make us feel better about it! Maybe we’re perfectly happy being single.

6.  You Get Jealous

You really don’t want to feel this way because it’s a bit embarrassing but you can’t help it. You’re secretly jealous on multiple levels. For starters, you’re jealous of their new s/o because they’re the one that your friend is giving all of their time and attention to. Next, you’re jealous because your friend has found someone while you’re still painfully single. You want somebody to flirt and text and cuddle with too, damn it! And your pride makes you feel even worse about the fact that you were jealous in the first place.

5.  They’re Happier Than You

When someone is loved up they’re just happier. They walk around with a big smile plastered across their face, blissfully talking about their new-found love. Shut up already! Your friends used to be cynical about life, like you. Now all of their problems seem to have magically drifted away. And let’s be honest here, they’re probably a lot happier because they’re also getting laid on the regular.

4. You Feel Like You Don’t Want To Bother Them

Before, you could call your BFF about any problem and have a good old chinwag about it. That girl at work is being a right b*tch again, you don’t know whether you should get a puppy… maybe you’ve broken a toenail or something. Whatever the issue was, your single BFF was there for you. Don’t get me wrong, if there was a serious problem they would of course drop everything and run to be by your side, but you don’t really want to bother them with the regular life stuff anymore. You imagine they don’t have as much time or energy to help you deal with your life.

3. They Become Really Boring

In short, they just don’t talk about the same kind of stuff they used to. You and your single friends would talk about funny things that happened to you, sexy people you’re interested in, travel plans and all manner of other equally fun topics. But when they start dating they become interested in talking about other things. They just loooooove to talk about their new boyfriend/girlfriend. They might start caring more about grown up things like getting a mortgage and settling down instead of the fun stuff.

2. You Worry That You’ll Be The Last Single One

So it is really sucky and sad when a single friend meets somebody. But it’s OK because you have a couple more single friends who you can still hang out with. But what if they meet people too? What if you’re the last single girl in your social circle? You would have lost everyone to their annoying partners. That is surely a common fear for many single people. There are only two options to remedy such a problem: 1) You make sure somebody else is the last single one, not you, and 2) You go out and make new, super cool single friends.

1. You Really Miss Them

When all is said and done, the bottom line is that you miss your formerly single friends so much. We can joke/complain that they’re boring, stupid and annoying, but in reality you love them to pieces and that’s why it sucks so much when they start dating. You really don’t want to lose them but inevitably you do. You miss all the fun you used to have together. You miss how close you were as friends.

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