I’m a firm believer that you should share your life with your friends and that it’s important to be able to vent to them about the things in your everyday life. That being said, there are SOME things you should NOT tell your friends about your relationship. This is my list of the things not to tell your friends about your relationship.

11 Things You Must NOT Tell Your Friends About Your Relationship ~ Billy Caputo


It’s okay to tell your friends about your relationship, it’s even okay to tell them when you get into a fight. But never go into the specifics unless you’re asking for an HONEST opinion. I have a friend that always asks me to tell her if she’s being crazy about a fight that she’s having but she never really wants to hear my opinion, so it’s awkward. I can’t stress how important this is, and that’s why it’s at the top of my list of things not to tell your friends about your relationship. Ever.

2. SEX

Don’t tell your friends the specifics of your sex life. Don’t tell them about any kinks your boyfriend or #girlfriend has because from that point on, your friend will never be able to look them in the eye again.


It’s okay to talk to your friends about #money problems of your own but it’s not okay to bring your significant other’s finances into that conversation. A lot of #people are very sensitive about what they perceive as weakness and that’s never a line you want to cross.


If someone cheats on you and you dump them, feel free to tell all of your friends (and a few strangers) how much of a scumbag they are. But, if you’re working it out, NEVER tell your friends that your significant other cheated. You may forgive them because you love them but your friends love you, and they won’t.


Once again, once you talk about this with your friends, they will never look at your partner the same way again. Your friends don’t need to know if you need to talk your significant other in for little blue pills. That’s something you should keep between you and your partner.


Your friends are YOUR friends, and your partners problems really aren’t yours to share. Let your partner talk about their problems with whoever they choose. It’s not fair for your friends to know everything about your significant other’s life.


Once again, your friends are YOUR friends. They don’t need to know that four years ago the person your with had his heart broken by an even #woman named Tina. If that’s something they want to share with your friends, let them. But that isn’t exactly your place.


If your significant other had a troubled childhood or had some embarrassing moments in the past, leave it there. It might seem like a great story to tell your friends so they can get to know your partner better, but it’s only going to cause problems when your friends accidentally bring up details from your partner’s past.


Constantly or even frequently complaining about your relationship can spell trouble. Your friends only hear your side of the story so if you’re always complaining about how your partner isn’t ambitious enough or doesn’t do certain #things for you, they’re going to run with that. Eventually, your friends will start viewing your partner in a negative light and encourage you to break up.


Let’s say you have a feeling that your partner is texting someone on the sly. Don’t take this as a sign to plan your stakeout with your friends and come up with a plan of attack. I know what you’re thinking, if you suspect something’s up with your #partner, of course you’re going to tell your friends about it or ask for their advice. I get that, but the problem is that these suspicions are unfounded and there could a logical explanation. You can turn it into a huge ordeal with your friends only to find out that he’s innocent and while you might be able to move on, your friends will think of him as a cheating jerk.


Lastly, comparing your current partner to your #ex or your friend’s partner will no doubt lead to trouble. Not only are you sharing intimate details about your relationship, comparing can lead to unrealistic expectations which is damaging to a #relationship.

I know that we all want to believe that we live in a world like Sex and The City where we can all sit down with our friends and discuss everything about everything in our lives. But, the truth is martinis and cosmos and endless conversation might be great on TV, but in real life they can get a little awkward when you see you the person you speak about..