1. You will be happier and satisfied person:

Most of us believe that relentless effort of balancing between job and family properly can cause severe stress and depression for working women. Contrary to this concept, several studies and researches have proved that working women and mothers are less stressed out and anxious than non working ladies. While working ladies enjoy a happier state of mind, stay-at-home women have to deal with more depression and stress. The studies also have shown that the mental health of sit-at home ladies improve significantly when they start working outside home. According to a psychological study, women who continued job after motherhood showed no sign of stress but ladies who had to quit job after having baby experienced increased level of psychological distress.

2. Improved sex life:

Confidence in workplace endows women with self assurance and peace of mind which helps to make their sexual life good. According to psychologist, when you get appreciation for your good work from co-worker and higher management you feel good about yourself. When you find yourself desirable, lovable and confident your sex life is bound to be excellent. The recognition from outside world gives women a sense of accomplishment and this confidence helps them to play the role of a better sex partner on bed. There is no appreciation and recognition for non working women who spend all the day getting bored at home.

3. You will enjoy a happier marriage:

Contrary to the belief that working women can’t have a happy married life because they juggle between family and profession, recent studies have shown that dual earner couples have the highest marital satisfaction and quality. So one must first understand all about the dual career couples. When you have something to focus on except your home and husband, the chances of your marriage is likely to flourish more. If you bring some extra money home, your partner will feel lees financial pressure, allowing him to be more relaxed. In case of stay at home women, they don’t have anything to focus on expect family reasons and husband. Their husband may feel suffocated with this extra concern at times, leading to tension in relationship.

4. You serve as role model to kids:

A successful working woman who balances her professional life and family with much aplomb has a great impact on their offspring. Their effort of balancing both family and job indirectly plays a significant role in the life of their kids. When your kid notices that his or her mom is managing everything, from office to their homework, with sheer dedication, they get inspired by them and your kids start to follow you as their role models. A stay at home woman who is sad with her life cannot be a positive influence or role model in her kids’ lives while a working woman with a sense of accomplishment can always serve as a role model for her children. Seeing your dedication and confidence, kids can get inspired to do something meaningful in life. Even the working ladies who manage office and family nicely can imbibe some excellent work ethics into their children. Successful working woman and mothers serve as role models especially to their daughters and other girls.

5. Financial independence:

Financial independence is the most important factor that controls the quality of a woman’s life. It is the one of most liberating aspects that you need to lead a quality life with respect. When you are financially stable, you can bear your own expenses, you don’t need to seek money from your partner. Earning money will give you sense of accomplishments and self identity, allowing you to evolve as a better and independent human being. Sit at home women often suffer a feeling of guilt, they might feel ashamed asking for money from their husbands or father. But when you are earning, you are free to spend it wherever you want.

6. Can Support Family Financially:

By earning some extra money you can give your family a better life. Being financially independent you can not only support your family but also you can give your kids a better future. If husband loses his job or leaves his wife alone, the financial security of the lady and her family is jeopardized. But if you are working and capable of earning bread and butter for you and your family there is no need to worry. Last but not the least a dual income of husband and wife brings financial stability, allowing them to enjoy a better life together.

7. Better old age:

The problem of lack of satisfaction and dullness experienced by non working ladies becomes severe as their kids get older. With time kids will get older, start working and need privacy. As they will have their own family, friends, they will not able to share enough time with their mothers. At this phase of life, stay at home women may find themselves isolated, alone and empty. On the contrary, working ladies with a successful career enjoy a good life where she has an array of sources to find positive reinforcement outside the home. Working women will see life with a new lens and with a bigger prospect, while the lives of stay at home ladies circle around their family and husbands.

8. You have an identity of your own:

Your identity exists outside of being a wife, a daughter and a mother. It is seen that once a woman gets married or becomes a mother, she totally loses her own identity and individuality. Having your own self identity in this society is very important for your own growth and confidence. Whether it is your personal relationship, association and financial issues, working ladies are independent to take their own decision. Working outside home helps ladies to maintain and develop their sense of self. Women who don’t have their identity may face a tough time letting their kids having their own space. According to study, if raising a child is a woman’s only goal in life, everyone suffers including the child and woman. If you have your self-identity, you feel confident and satisfied. This confidence inspires the girls to break stereotypes and achieve something bigger in life.

9. You can build stronger social connections:

Being a wife or mother you might have busy days, constant companion but still you can feel extremely lonely at times. The life of stay at home women circles around their family members and kids, they don’t get a chance to interact with people from all walks of life. Working outside home or doing a job, allows you to connect with different people from diverse backgrounds. Interacting with different people opens your mind and broadens your perspectives. You start to see life with a broader perspective and you become less judgmental. Your general knowledge improves; you observe life beyond the four walls. Connecting and communicating with people allows you to learn more, which is one of the key aspects for your personal and professional growth.

10. Working gives you a bigger sense of purpose:

The purpose of a woman’s life doesn’t vanish with marriage and motherhood. If their purpose beyond playing a good wife or a mother is left unfulfilled, most of the women feel unsatisfied. If you are unsatisfied and unhappy how can you keep your family happy? Working full time gives you a bigger sense of purpose and personal fulfillment. Having a life of your own and enjoying it on your own terms is very important for every individual. Working women have a life beyond their family and kids, which gives them a sense of self accomplishment and fulfillment. Your self-esteem increases considerably – you feel satisfied with yourself.

11. You will raise stronger kids:

The bad-effects of over-parenting is known to all. When it comes to stay at home women, the chances of over-parenting is likely to be higher as kids become your only focus. As working women spend most of the time outside home, their kids tend to be more self sufficient, active and responsible.

Working outside home not only gives women financial independence, sense of self fulfillment, but it also helps them to evolve as a better person who is knowledgeable, confident, happy and sees life with wider lens. And in turn all other persons related to her including kids and family members experience a positive effect.