You May Be Inviting Harmful Spirits Into Your Home

For those that believe in the power of the Ouija board, it is considered to be a portal through which spirits can travel, right into your own home.

You May Get A Demon Instead Of A Spirit

Some people believe that sometimes demons can communicate through the board and pretend they are just some lonely spirit. Demons are likely worse and harder to get rid of.

You Open Yourself Up To Possession

By using the Ouija board and inviting spirits, good or bad, into your home, you are opening yourself up to possession by these spirits. You may speak in tongues, have your head spin around, or even projectile vomit across the room. Does that sound like fun?

You Could Wake Up A Poltergeist

While poltergeists usually accompany children in the home that are going through puberty, using spirit communicators like the Ouija board can also wake them up. You may start to have objects floating around or being thrown across the room, including the board or planchette itself.

You May Never Be Able To Get Rid Of It

People tell stories about trying to burn their Ouija board, or throwing it away, only to find it back in their home again a few hours later. Once you’ve opened that door, you may be stuck.

It Could Make Things Worse

If you’re getting on the Ouija to communicate with something that may already be in your home causing problems, you will just cause more bad things to happen. You are basically acknowledging the negative presence — which makes it stronger.


If you are religious, playing with a Ouija board could be a sin. Of course, you just need to ask for forgiveness when you are done. However, being religious and falling for this power could be even worse if something does come through.

It Can Cause Mental Issues

Some people have gone crazy from using the Ouija board and ended up in mental institutes. Even worse than that, it can cause some people to have suicidal thoughts.

Could Make You Or Others Sick

Some people have horrible reactions to the Ouija board, such as becoming violently ill. This can especially happen to people that don’t want to use the board but are coerced by friends.


You Are Usually Contacting The Worst Of The Worst

It is believed that when you use the Ouija, you are communicating with the spirits that are in the lower astral plane. These are usually nasty spirits with negative, unfinished business. They can be angry spirits that died too soon or in horrible deaths. They may be murderers or worse. This plane is thought to be the connection to hell.


Your Possession Risk Is Greater Playing Alone

Simply put, playing alone increases your risk of possession, a lot.

There Is Only One Proper Way To Get Rid Of It

Most people try to dispose of their “bad” Ouija boards all wrong. You can’t just throw it in the trash. First, break it into seven pieces. Then pour holy water over it. Finally, bury it.