10 Tips to Find True Love

If you’re single, you think about finding that one person who will like you for who you are and love you for who you’re not. You seek that one person who will look beyond your imperfections and become your perfect complement.

Many people are looking for a soul mate or life partner. But how to find true love…… Some search for it their entire lives. Perhaps the key is in setting a foundation. With that in mind, here then are 10 tips for attracting your true love:

1. Learn To Love Yourself First 
The first of our tips to find true love is to make certain that you are already a truly emotionally healthy individual. Have an intrinsic self-worth. You must first accept yourself for who you are, otherwise, how will your potential true love be able to do the same? People are attracted to those who love themselves.

2. Build A Life You Love 
Start by becoming the best you that you possibly can on every conceivable level. Find a purpose for your life. Find a job you love to do. Once you build a life you love, other people will be easily attracted to you. They will want to become involved in your life and share their own lives with you as well.

3. Eliminate All Negative Emotions 
Strive to rid yourself of negative emotions. Love is about being considerate, thoughtful, and positive. Like poison, negativity spreads and destroys everything in its way. When you exclusively focus on positive emotions such as consideration, thoughtfulness, and love you’ll start to attract others who are similar. That will increase your odds of actually attracting your true love.

4. Be Sure You’re Happy Prior To Any Relationship 
Don’t look for a relationship that will make you happy. You will fail. Happiness is a personal mindset.
Make sure you are happy before getting into a relationship. Your happiness will draw other happy people to you. That will increase your chances of entering into a happy relationship.

5. Find The Right Person 
Determine what kind of person you think will truly complement your life. Get to know your potential partner for a minimum of between one and two years to determine if it’s really love. It is essential that you focus on finding a potential mate whose positive qualities and strengths negate any negative qualities they might have. Be certain your values are the same.

6. Just Put Yourself Out There 
Like any other good thing in life, you’ll need to put some effort into your search. You have to meet people who could be potential partners prior to discovering the love of your life. Be proactive in meeting people. Your chances of finding the perfect person for you will increase dramatically.

7. Be Real 
Before you can find real love, you first have to emphasize the real you. Before someone can love you despite your imperfect moments, you have to be able to do that for someone else. Put it all out there: the things that make you happy, the things you want, and let them know who you really are inside. Authenticity attracts people.

8. Be Open 
Open up to people around you. If someone sitting next to you attempts to engage you in conversation, respond. Even if you already know the person is probably not likely to be your soulmate, practice being open anyway. Developing a genuine openness will aid you more easily having open conversations that could very well lead to a lasting relationship.

9. Be A Giver, Not A Taker 
Some believe that if you give without expecting anything back, you’ll receive ten-fold in return. It’s better to give than to receive. Givers attract people. Treat other people the way you wish them to treat you. It’s a precept of all major religions and it works. It’s all about sharing the love. By both sharing and giving you will attract your one-and-only true love.

10. Have Confidence 
Be confident. Have confidence in your choices, yourself, and in your ability to bring love into your life. If you are following the above tips to find true love, your confidence and self-worth should be obvious. You will more easily attract a person who acknowledges, appreciates and actually loves you for who you really are.

Follow your heart. Forget the past and look to the future. Finally, remember that while having the love of your life would be wonderful, you need to know that even alone you are enough.

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