1. Love yourself wholly.

    This includes the bits you don’t like, those you don’t agree with and those not very nice bits that hide underneath the surface, usually raising their heads when something goes wrong. I say this in many of my psychic readings. You need to truly value all of you in order to grow and attract a good partner who can see the real you. Partner yourself so you can get the feeling of what it feels like to vibrate at a higher rate, regard this as a ‘practice run’.

  2. Identify what you are really after.

    Be truthful with yourself… what do you like and dislike, what qualities are important to you, what are the ‘deal breakers’ and the ‘must haves’. Do not make your list too long with unnecessary qualities. Put this list in a Spiritual journal and develop the habit of writing daily to clarify your thoughts.

  3. Allow the Universe to work in your life…

    By leaving plenty of opportunities ‘open’. Don’t be so specific that you narrow the available pool of partners down to a tiny amount by writing things like “he must be a minimum 183 cm tall, earn $150,000 per year, went to XYZ School, be so and so religion with blonde hair and blue eyes”. If you’re looking for lasting happiness, your list should mostly be focused upon emotional and spiritual qualities, not physical ones e.g. he is reliable, kind and supportive. Remember, good looks will fade in time.

  4. Keep your focus on how you feel and what you want.

    Not on a specific person that you fancy as your partner. The Universe could have someone better in mind than the person you’re currently thinking about. Be open to who the Universe sends you providing they fit your main criteria.

  5. If an old relationship is holding you back from finding a new partner…

    It’s time to let go of the past. You may have trust issues, be feeling really hurt still or find the Ex frequently in your thoughts. Do a ritual releasing your Ex and thanking them for what you have learned. You’re older and wiser and it’s time to move on to someone who really loves you for you, not the benefits that you come with. Get rid of any old stuff you still have concerning your Ex e.g. love letters, correspondence, photos etc. Disconnect from them on all social media and say goodbye.

  6. Buy yourself gifts.

    Do special things for yourself from time to time.

  7. When you see others in love, wish them well.

    Always. There’s absolutely no space for jealousy or envy here, you need to be truly happy for them in order to magnetise love to yourself. You are actively raising your own vibration by doing this.

  8. Stay positive and be realistically hopeful.

    Wash away in  meditation all your negative thoughts such as “I’m not good enough”, “I don’t deserve true love”, “it will never happen to me” by imagining a waterfall washing all the negativity out of your life. Drop all restrictive beliefs and be free in yourself.

  9. Keep your feet flat on the ground…

    By being practical and level headed about love. Keep your thoughts high in the sky by saying things like “I am worthy of true love”, “I deserve love in my life” and “I am a winner in love”. Be positive and grounded at the same time, maintaining balance in your life. Otherwise, it’s easy to get carried away by fantasy, especially about love.

  10. Finally, be open to love.

    Spiritually, mentally, emotionally and physically. Allow your heart to open by facing all your fears. Schedule your Psychic Reading with me Here.