10 Things Spirits Tell Me Through Channeling ~ Billy Caputo

1.) You are a Physical Extension of Source Energy

You are not on Earth to try and become more ‘Godly’ or more enlightened. You are already an enlightened being, you are simply here to explore what it means to be human. You are here to seek more of what feels good to you. You are here to bring Heaven to Earth.

2.) You Chose to Be Here

You are here because you chose to be here. You eagerly anticipated  your arrival to Earth. Before you came into your physical body, you also got to choose who you wished to create with. This choice is reflected by the time and place of your birth. Everyone on Earth is creating together.

3.) The Purpose of Your Life is Joy

You came to this life to experience pure joy, however you also have a choice. You don’t always have to choose to feel joyous, instead you can choose to feel other emotions as well. However, your purpose for being here is to find joy, feel joy and be joy. When you are in a state of joy, that is when you will expand or grow. When you expand and grow, so does everything else.

4.) You Create with Your Thoughts

You attract into your life whatever you are giving your attention to. Sometimes you can choose to focus on something deliberately and other times what you focus on comes from deep within your subconscious mind. Whatever you focus on however, will emerge in your physical reality. Every single thought is adding to the creation of your life and the life around you.

5.) Anything that You Can Imagine, You Can Have

When you visualize something and see and feel it happening, you send signals out into the Universe. These signals then bring what you desire into your reality. This is the Law of Attraction and is one of the fundamental laws of this Universe. The more positive your energy, the faster you will manifest what you want.

6.) The Universe Supports your Intentions

The Universe is always guiding you on your chosen path. When you came to Earth you had an intention and the Universe is always sending  you clues and reminders as to what that intention is. The Universe guides you through the experiences in your life but also through the way that you feel.

7.) Your Emotions Guide You

You inner being offers guidance through your emotions. When you feel good about something that is a sign you are heading in the right direction. When you feel not so good about something, that is when you are heading in the wrong direction. In order to change directions,  you first have to start finding ways to feel good, no matter how small.

8.) Relaxation is Your Natural State of Being

Being relaxed is your natural state of being. You don’t have to worry or stress because everything is always going to work out. The key to relaxation is focusing on all the things that you appreciate in your life. When you focus on gratitude and appreciation, it allows you to feel supported by life.

9.) We are all on a Unique Path

Everyone is on a different path so it is important to allow others to do what they need to do. It is also important to not compare your path to other people’s. There are also no limits on what path you choose to walk. There are so many ways to find joy and inspiration in this life, and each person has their own way of finding it.

10.) You Cannot Die

Your natural state is that which is non-physical. At a certain point it becomes necessary to return to a non-physical state. Even though your physical body no longer exists, you are an eternal being. You are everlasting life and there really is no such thing as “death”. Your energy, your soul will live on forever. Please check out the other tabs here on my website. Bless You! Billy