10 Things Spirits Have Told Me In Readings – Billy Caputo

1. We are in love & light and we are all one here.
2. We stay forever connected to our families and loved ones. Were always around them.
3. We want to see our family happy and continue to enjoy the short time they have in their physical body. It sucks watching them cry and be unhappy all the time. Tell them to please love, live and enjoy!
4. We keep the same personality on the other side.
5. We forgive and love everyone. That’s what the other side is. All love..all connected.
6. There is no hell. Hell is what YOU make of your life. It’s all up to you.
7. We are all here to learn life lessons – we pick them all!
8. I picked when I came and I picked when I left. We all do.
9. We miss food ..okay …and sex lol
10. Were trying to send signs and symbols to let our loved ones know were around them. Tell them to pay attention!