Telepathy is the ability to read what another person is thinking. The ability to read what they are feeling is called Empathy, so we are only dealing with the thoughts another person has. You may pick these up especially when you are with someone, or even when you are separated. Mostly it works with people we are close to, for we form a bond if we are especially close and can be able to know naturally what they are thinking.

If you are quite psychic, you can meet strangers and immediately know a lot of what is going on in their head. This is not a fun experience since many people have negative thoughts or wish to do harm to others. If you are quite gifted, you probably stay away from others to cut down on the pain. People who think darkly are completely unaware that others can read their thoughts.

10 Signs Of Telepathy

1. You might be talking to a friend and you can know if they are having a reaction to what you are saying, even if they try to hide it. You can sense if it is a positive or negative reaction.

2. You are still with a friend and while they are talking, you know what they are saying is a mistruth. You are listening carefully and you know that this mistruth is no mistake, they are giving you some false information. You can pick up on lies due to the person’s thoughts giving it away.

3. After someone has lied to you and you have detected this, you can actually feel this person is happy they have fooled you. You may pick up their thoughts of triumph. As an extremely sensitive person I often detect extreme thoughts of superiority and pleasure after a person thinks their lie has gone undetected. I can hear them congratulating themself over a job well done.

4. You may pick up on a direct thought during a conversation. You will develop the ability to read stronger thoughts at first but listen out to see if you can develop this.

5. You are away from your close friend but you suddenly sense that they are in danger. When another who we are close to is suffering, we often pick something up along these lines. With close people, we may also sense if they are having a great time by trying to tune in on what they are doing. This can grow stronger the more we practice it.

6. You may try to send other people telepathic (or mind-to-mind) messages when you are with them. I noticed that others always picked up my messages, however no one ever responded. For example, I would greet someone by saying hello, but in my mind I would say goodbye. I could see them become confused over the message, but they would shrug it off. Playing with telepathy is a sure sign you’re getting better at it.

7. Someone is sending you bad energy, is attacking you either physically or psychically. I had a neighbor who would bang on my bedroom wall at 6am just for fun. Although I never responded, I could feel incredible waves of hatred coming from this stranger. This person turned into a stalker and soon was trying to damage my car, as he had no car. Although I tried to return his energy to him, the attacks were too ferocious, so I was forced to have him evicted. You become aware of other’s negative intentions very quickly.

8. You can feel a psychic attack when it occurs. I was once targeted by a lady from a fair who I had talked to. She made some very strange comments to me. When I got home, I could feel a strong and unwelcome energy all around me, as she herself was very psychic. I recognized it as an attack. No harm came to me but I could still feel it all around me.

9. You can practice sharing psychic intimacy with a partner if the two of you are very psychic. You can feel what each is thinking from a distance, so even if you can’t be together, you can still be intimate and enjoy a feeling of safety.

10. You can read the minds of those who have passed over. Some may call this mediumship. I often take a notepad and write down whole conversations from the minds of other people who talk to me from other dimensions. I call it a form of channeling, but essentially its a form of telepathy. This can also be developed to talk to angels and Masters as well. For Readings with me.. Call 201 315 5587