With so many of other people’s relationships falling apart around them, it’s not surprising that some people begin to wonder if their own relationship will last. So, how can you tell that you really have found ‘the one’ and that you have a ‘keeper’ on your hands? If you are one of those who have doubts, then check out these 10 signs that you are in a relationship that will last and put your mind at rest.

1. Silence is not a problem

A good sign that you have turned the corner from being two dating singles into a couple is that you no longer feel the need to fill silence with empty words. We are not talking about the angry silent treatment kind of silences, but the comfortable silence that simply does not need any words.

2. You work together to solve disputes quickly

Disputes will always occur in relationships, but what sets a lasting relationship apart from one that will not last, is how those disputes are settled. If neither of you like disagreements and you both work to resolve them, then that is a sign of a relationship that has staying power.

3. The relationship is fun

Another one of good signs your relationship will last is when the relationship is fun. Laughter has an amazing impact on both your physical and your mental health and, if you find that you laugh a lot with your partner, then that too is a good sign. After all, you can’t spend the rest of your life being miserable!

4. There is a mutual physical attraction

If being with your partner makes you proud and boosts your own self-esteem and, that feeling is reciprocated, then that too is a sign of a lasting relationship. A mutual attraction between the partners in a relationship and the intimacy that goes with that are all a part of building a strong and long lasting relationship.

5. You share similar ambitions

Next one of great signs your relationship will last is when you share similar goals and ambitions. In a relationship, you are in a team so, quite obviously, a team needs to be all aiming for the same goals. Each player may play their own part, but the overall goals in life are still the same.

6. You make your relationship a priority

Long term couples never take their relationship for granted, they make it one of their main priorities. If you and your partner are the type of couple that understand this and you make sure that you spend quality time together, then that is a sign that you both want this relationship to last.

7. Your family and friends approve

When we are young, the last thing we care about is what our family thinks about our partners, but, as we get older, we begin to understand that they only have our best interest at heart. While no one should be in a relationship just to impress their friends and family, having their approval is still a good sign that we are in a good relationship.

8. You are able to give each other space

Being close, yet trusting enough to allow each other the space to do their own thing is a great sign of a strong and loving relationship. People need a bit of space and time on their own sometimes and it helps stop the relationship from getting stale.

9. You really care for each other

If a relationship is going to last a long time, then you are sure to see some bad times, as well as good. Mutual care is another one of good signs your relationship will last and that you will be able to see the bad times through. Caring for each other means loving, respecting and supporting that person through thick and thin, in sickness and in health.

10. ‘We’ comes before ‘me’

People in relationships should retain their own individuality but, if that comes at the expense of the relationship, then that relationship it is unlikely to last a long time. Quite simply, love means making compromises and, sometimes, putting the relationship first. That is how people make relationships last for a long time.  For Psychic and Medium Readings with me click the Rates tab up top of the website.