10 Signs of Your Deceased Loved Ones Part 2 

6. Unexpected Electrical Activity

We all have energy and energy runs through all things, including electrical devices. For those on the Other Side, not only is it fun to learn how to use energy to connect – many of those in Heaven learn that the energy in electrical devices is quite easy to manipulate. For this reason, it is actually quite common for those in Spirit to manipulate TV, lights and toys to get your attention. They can turn things on and off, change channels, and make things move.

Songs on the radio are that are meaningful to you or your lost loved one, are a favorite way for those on the Other Side to deliver to you messages that you may need to hear – right at that exact moment, with electricity.

7. A Phone Call

The day after my father passed over, I received several phone calls, from unknown numbers, with nothing but static on the other line. While discussing this event with friends, they recounted similar experiences, in the days following the passing of their loved ones. Since a phone is an electrical object, manipulating the energy to make a phone call is not much different than other electrical activity. This sign could occur in the months or years following the crossing of a loved one, it seems to be most common in immediate days following the transition.

8. A Symbolic Message, Sign, Coincidence or Synchronicity

Your deceased loved ones are often very eager to let you know they are part of your life and with you when you least expect it. While many people can feel their deceased loved ones watching over them, sometimes, it’s hard to be that perceptive, or to be that sure that what we felt was really what we thought it was. So, those in Spirit will provide us with signs that we cannot ignore. Once you receive this type of sign, time and time again, you will know this is a message from the Other Side – and don’t let anyone else tell you otherwise! The signs can and will come to you in a variety of ways, and the key is keep your eye open for synchronicities and anything out of the ordinary.

Wondering where and what to look for? Here are a few ideas!


Small Objects: Feathers, Coins and Stones.

Spirit likes to place things in our path that were significant to them (or significant to us), over and over again. My father collected stones, and will often place new stones in the path of myself, my mother, and my sister when he visits. However, others see feathers, coins, and other small objects usually in their path.

Animals: Spirits use energy to be with us, and often, it is through the energy of animal world – such as a butterfly, bird, ladybug, dragonfly, or other creature – for a very short amount of time. If an animal does something usual – like land in front of or on you, stare at you through a window, or call in your path, this could be a sign. A common sign from those of the Other Side, are usually animals that are colorful (the more colorful something is – the more noticeable it is to you!).  Blue jays, Cardinals and Birds.

Flowers: Spirits can send us flowers in unexpected ways. If you receive a flower sign, it could be in the form of an unexpected bouquet or gift, or a flower that is blooming out of season.

A few months ago, I asked for a sign, specifically in the form of flowers, and three days later, I arrived at work with a bouquet on my desk. Upon asking around, no one had any idea where these flowers came from or how they got there. In another example, did your mother love bulb flowers, such as tulips, daffodils? Suddenly, you might notice one pop up in your yard. With a sign like this, it’s worth taking notice.

People: Your loved ones on the Other Side can and will use people to give you messages, and generally, the person delivering the message is not aware of it. Listen to those around you, the words they are speaking may be a direct message from the Spirit world to you! Also, those in Spirit may send meaningful people in your direction such as teachers, life partners, and new best friends.

9. Movement

Sometimes, those in Spirits will move objects to get your attention. Does the same photograph keep falling? Is the same thing always being ‘misplaced’ or ‘lost’ while in your possession? Consider this method of communication, as it is most commonly sent to those whose attention it’s hard to reach. Also, moving objects will often times create noise, which can startle your awareness, too!

10. Seeing Their Apparition (flat photo, hologram, partial, full)

Believe it or not, seeing an apparition, while you are awake, with your eyes open, is one of the least common methods on this list! Though it’s the most widely cited in popular media, due to it’s shock value, it’s quite rare.  And. . . just because your deceased loved one isn’t appearing to you in full ‘ghost’ form, doesn’t mean they haven’t attempted contact in one of the many other methods on this list.

If you do see a deceased loved one as an apparition, they can appear in a variety of ways – either full body or partial (usually just a face). Since coming through the veil of the physical world requires quite a bit of practice and skill, sometimes, only the face or bust is possible, while others can ‘figure out’ how to appear in full form.

Remember, to be sure that what you’ve experienced is the ‘work of a Spirit’ and not just a coincidence, trust your intuition, and then simply ask for the same method of communication to be repeated and wait. You may have to wait a few days – but if it is a loved one, it’ll happen again!