10 Reasons Why Women Should Work ~ Billy Caputo 
1. Being a working woman is the best way to keep yourself happy and satisfied. You can bid adieu to stress and anxiety once you start working in an organization.

2. What can be better than becoming a role model for your kids? You will be showered with respect and love from your kids. Your kids will be proud of you.

3. You no longer have to be dependent on your family or husband for your daily expenses. The best part is that you can spend on anything and everything that you wish to.

4. Once you start working, you will have your own identity. You will no longer be recognized as someone’s daughter, wife, sister or mother.

5. You cannot have strong social connections if you are always within the closed boundaries of your home. One of the best reasons why you should work is that you can build numerous relationships and contacts.

6. Kids of working women become stronger because since their childhood, they learn how to perform all their activities by themselves.

7. Sex life can be much more exciting if you are a working woman because your job will make you confident, which, in turn, will provide you with a peaceful and great sex life.

8. You can secure yourself for the old age period of your life by saving the earnings that you have received during your working duration.

9. Working makes you much more confident and independent, due to which, you are in better control of your life.

10. You can prove to be an inspiration for someone. Young girls who are on the threshold of their education can get inspiration from you regarding their future.