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 Everywhere you look, you see men with women that seem out of their league. Is it because they’re rich? Do they have some sort of pheromones that are irresistible to women?

The answer is no. They are just everyday, average guys. How can that be? Women are a lot more particular about their mates than men. For example, for a man, a beautiful woman must simply appear beautiful. However, for a woman, a man must have the body and the personality, or else he is unattractive. Saying that looks are not important at all would be false. Women do have to be attracted to their partner; they’re not blind, after all.

However, looks are not everything. If a woman sees a redeeming quality that she particularly likes in a man, for example if he is great with children, she can overlook a part of his physical appearance. Therefore, do not count yourself out of the race if you see a beautiful woman you would like to date. If you show her what she wants to see, you may actually have a higher chance than the Mick Jagger-type sitting next to her.

Of course, if you’re thinking that women prefer less handsome men because of their personalities, that would be false. Women actually have many reasons why they prefer to date men that are seemingly less attractive. The following are 10 of those reasons.


 10. Less attractive men care less about their looks.
One of the best things about dating a man that is less attractive is that you can actually have a conversation with him. Good-looking men are constantly checking out other girls, fancying themselves in the mirror, or talking about their own self-centered qualities.

Women want to have a real heart to heart talk, especially about the important things – like Star Trek and how good they look. In all seriousness, women do feel like they have their man’s full attention when they speak. It is much easier to have your man’s attention when he is less handsome as he’s not busy thinking about how great he looks or how he needs to head to the gym later.

9. Less attractive men spoil their girl

A less attractive male knows that he’s lucky to have his beautiful girlfriend. He thus wants to do anything to keep her at his side. He thus spoils her, from giving her compliments, to giving her small gifts and taking her out on romantic dates.

Women like to feel like princesses – though they may not want to admit it. A guy that knows he can pick up any girl from the street will not put as much effort into his relationship as the man who has a harder time getting a date. Women want men who are committed to them, and who regularly prove to them how committed they are. Women like to feel secure, and being spoiled definitely accomplishes that in their relationship.

8. Less handsome men look around less

Less handsome men know how lucky they are to be with their gorgeous girlfriend. They are not used to being with a beautiful woman. Naturally, they will focus their full attention on her. More attractive men know they can get any girl they want. So while they are with a girl, they will keep looking around on the side, keeping an eye out to see if a sexier woman passes by.

Women like to feel special: they want to be the apple of their mate’s eye. Given the choice between a man who constantly looks around and one who is focused on her, a woman will choose the man who gives her his full attention.

7. Less handsome men usually know how to treat a woman.

It should come as no surprise: women like to feel like they are the only girl in the world (yes, Rihhanna was not lying). A hot guy won’t consider just how special his beautiful girlfriend is since he usually gets any woman he wants with ease. As he sees her as a regular woman, he will treat her as such.

A less attractive man, on the other hand, will see his woman as one in a million. He will treat her well, doing little things like holding her bags, complementing her and giving her his coat when she is cold: basically, he’d be an utmost gentleman. Regardless of what radical feminists say, women want a man who is chivalrous and can make her feel special.

6. Less attractive men have better personalities

One of the best parts of dating a less attractive man is that they usually have a great personality to compensate for their looks. Less attractive men are usually quite smart (yes, it’s a stereotype but stereotypes exist for a reason).

Intelligence is actually very sexy. Women love being able to have deep conversations with their mates. Studies show that relationships where one person admires the other are more successful, and women admire a man who is intelligent. Less attractive men can also be very funny. Women love a man who can make them smile and make them laugh. A combination of intelligence and humor is very hard to beat.

5. Less attractive men always think their woman is beautiful

 Less attractive men know their woman is gorgeous, and they feel particularly lucky to have such a beautiful woman that they constantly remind her. Good-looking men are used to being with sexy women, so for them it’s nothing special.

A less handsome man will look at his woman in awe and be proud to be with her, as he shows her off to his friends and family. No matter how bad of a day the woman thinks she’s having regarding her looks, her man will always think she’s the most beautiful woman on the planet.

4. There is less competition for less attractive mates

If there is one thing women do not like, it’s other women, particularly when it concerns their man. Women prefer less attractive men as they don’t have to worry about other women being interested in him or stealing him. Women like to feel confident in their relationships.

It is difficult to feel confident when you are with an attractive man and women everywhere are constantly flirting with him or throwing themselves at him. Women do not want to constantly feel insecure, and so will choose a safe mate: the less attractive male.

3. Less attractive men are happy with their woman

 A less attractive man will be happy to be with a beautiful woman and fully appreciate her. Women thus prefer less handsome men, as they never feel like they’re second best. A less attractive man is fully aware of how lucky he is, and lets his woman know how happy he is to be with her.

Women like to feel like they are special, and to be reminded by their mate how she is appreciated. With a more handsome man, a woman can doubt her own attractiveness and know that her man could be with someone potentially more attractive. She is thus left to wonder if she is a plan B.

2. A less attractive man means less flirtatious females

Even if a woman is secure in her relationship with her man, she does not appreciate other women jokingly flirting with her mate. If a woman is on a date with her gorgeous hunk at say, a restaurant, seeing a waitress constantly make gaga eyes at her man is not flattering: it’s annoying.

Dealing with flirty women while you’re trying to have your man’s full attention can downright ruin your evening, without it even being your man’s fault. By dating a less attractive man a woman can spend a night out on the town with her man and have his full attention, without having to cast dirty looks at any women who are honing in on her territory.

1. Good looking men are aware of their looks and are cocky

 Perhaps the biggest difference and deal breaker between handsome men and less attractive men is how the good-looking ones are usually aware that they are handsome. When a man knows he is handsome, he is usually very cocky and full of himself.

This can be quite irritating to women. His knowledge of his good looks means that he knows he can get away with more, such as not treating his girlfriend quite right, being late, being flirty and so forth. A good-looking man will know how to use his looks to his advantage. Women prefer to avoid that whole scenario and just be treated properly by a less attractive man.



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