10 Reasons why some couples fall out of love ~ Billy Caputo

Love doesn’t always end in hatred and accusations, sometimes love can just fizzle out. In many ways, that is even harder to cope with, because, while you still like and care for someone, you no longer love them, in the same way as you used to. So, why do people fall out of love? What happens? Here are ten reasons why, sometimes, couples fall out of love:

1. It never was real love in the first place

First common reason why people fall out of love is that they confound love and lust. It could just be that it never really was love, but more of a romance that was driven lust or by infatuation. In these cases, it is only a matter of time, before the truth will dawn on for the other people in the relationship.

2. There was no trust

Another reason why people fall out of love is there was no trust in their relationship. If the trust in a relationship is broken, then it can be virtually impossible to re-build it again. Even in a strong relationship, lies and deceit can completely destroy the love and, even a relatively small lie can cause doubt that will eventually ruin it.

3. There was no communication

Lack of proper communication is another answer to the question of why do people fall out of love. Proper communication is another thing that is vital in a healthy relationship. When you stop communicating, disputes are left unresolved and needs are not discussed and that can lead to resentment and mistrust which will eat away at the love.

4. Simple incompatibility

It takes time to really get to know a persona and, once the initial ‘honeymoon’ period had died away, and the excitement has faded, people can just find that they don’t actually share the same interests and ambitions.

5. Why do people fall out of love? The fun stopped…

In longer term relationships, some people forget that relationship should be fun. They stop dating and gong on holidays and all they seem to do is watch TV and talk about work or other mundane issues. When this happens, boredom can set in and one or both parties begin to start wanting something different in their life.

6. People can just grow apart

As people grow older, they can change and, they may change in such a way that they no longer want the same things anymore. When people change like this, couples can simply drift apart and whilst they may well still care for each other, they stop loving each other.

7. One partner takes the other for granted

Next common reason why people fall out of love is when one partner takes the other for granted. It is very hard to love a person who takes you for granted. It makes a person feel unwanted, unappreciated and unloved and, ultimately, it will stop that person from loving in return.

8. A person became too controlling

Partners also fall out of love when one person becomes too controlling. When you stop acting as a team and both parties are always trying to get their way, then that will lead to conflict or to a feeling of being bullied.

9. The relationship didn’t meet expectations

This can occur when people have unrealistic expectations of what a relationship will be like. When people first meet, they go out of their way to please each other, but when things have calmed down a bit, they get more into a routine of normal life, which can come as a bit of a disappointment to some.

10. Life changing events

Life is full of situations over which we have little, or no control and people’s relationships can be affected by those events. The birth of a child can change the dynamics of a relationship, as can the loss of a job or relocation to another country. Sometimes, these life changing events can change people and damage relationships beyond forever. But if two people think and believe that their relationship is strong enough to withstand anything, then there is a big chance that things will work out well for them, no matter what.

Is it possible to fall out of love? What are your thoughts? Why do people fall out of love?