10 Reasons Why Guy’s Don’t Call Women Back ~ Billy Caputo

Are you sitting by the phone, anxiously waiting for a call from your dreamy date last week only for it never to ring? It’s definitely frustrating, especially when you thought there was really something there. But did you know that there are specific reasons guys never call back? Yes, it’s true! Of course, there are always a few guys that never call back simply because they are jerks. We’re talking about the good men out there that would have called back but may not have done so because of something you said or did that turned them off. Here are ten reasons guys never call back that you may want to keep in mind the next time you go on a date.


Have you ever ignored the waitress? Have you treated the movie ticket agent like crap because the show you wanted was sold out? Not that you should do these things ever, but if you want your date to call you back, it’s especially important to portray manners and be polite. Make it a conscientious effort. After all they are people too. Eye contact is just as important as your tone of voice, so be warm and genuine.


Smoking is usually a big turn off to guys. A recent poll said that 68% of guys will not call a girl back if she lights up on their first date. That’s over half of the guys surveyed! If you do smoke, work on kicking the habit, not only for the sake of your health, but those around you as well. Besides, cigarette smoke has a horrible stench that clings to your teeth and hair.  Not attractive!


We all have our moments of venting and getting it out of our systems. But on a first date? No, no, no! One of the top reasons guys never call back is because the girl wouldn’t stop trashing other’s. Not only do you come across as rude and negative, but you seem really insecure. No one wants to be around someone with a bad energy. So smile, be pleasant and keep the conversation positive.


There is such a fine line when it comes to dressing for a first date. You want to be cute, yet comfortable. Sexy, yet demure. Unique, yet classy. Here’s my advice: save the lingerie for the bedroom, and your sweats for the gym. It’s not a black tie event, so put your ball gown back in the closet. Don’t wear your mom’s clothes but don’t wear your Halloween costume from last year either. Bottom line? Dress in something that is comfortable and cute, be yourself, and don’t stress about it!


A lady who curses? NOT lovely. When every other word that comes out of your pretty little mouth is a four letter word, that’s a big reason guys never call back. So if you have a dirty mouth, clean it up.


I recently saw something I will never forget on TV. While in an airport with a husband on an overlay for his business trip, they were enjoying a nice lunch when the doors opened and a man and a woman walked in. The man was carrying suitcases and the lady was yelling at him at the top of her lungs. She was obviously very upset, but so angry and loud that everyone could hear her screaming. I thought to myself, “I never want to be seen like that in public!” If your food is cold, or if your shoes start rubbing blisters, please don’t take it out on your poor date. And for heaven’s sake, spare him the details of your family drama until the tenth date or so. If the guys you go on dates with have to be a personal shrink, that’s a guaranteed reason guys never call back!


Guys like girls to be spontaneous and go with the flow. There’s nothing wrong with scheduling out your date – dinner, a walk in the park, a movie and then coffee. But if it happens to be raining when dinner is over, don’t freak out! Just adjust your plans accordingly. Go walk around the mall, or go to the nearest pet store and look at the puppies and kittens. Be adventurous!


Guys love being adored and appreciated by girls. They love it. Now you don’t need to spend all evening fawning over him, but a simple “thanks for dinner, it was lovely” or “I’m so glad we got to spend time together, I had fun” goes a long way. And remember your please and thank you’s when it comes to opening doors or passing the salt and pepper. Being unappreciative is a big reason guys never call back. Entitlement is such a turn off…to me, anyways.


When you and your guy have been together for a year or two, chances are he will be a lot more patient while you primp and preen if he’s a few minutes early. But making a guy wait for 30 minutes on your first date is a big red flag to him! Make sure to be on time and get your primping done before he gets there.


Be ready with a laugh or a smile if something goes awry on your date. It’s nice when things go smoothly, but that doesn’t always happen. Sometimes it can help loosen things up a bit and ease the tension on a first date when something funny or unplanned happens. So relax and enjoy a laugh together. Now that will give him a reason to call back!

I’m sure we can all admit to doing one (or all ten) of these things at one time or another in our lives. And that’s okay, we’re all human! And after being in a LTR with someone, they know you for who you are and love you in spite of all those odd quirks. But you want to make a good first (or second) impression on someone new, so keep this list of 10 reasons guys never call back floating around in your head and you can ensure that he does call back! What would you do to make sure he calls back?