1. Because when you give help to someone in need, you facilitate strong encouragement. Showing compassion and giving kindness can really uplift a person when he’s experiencing a rough time. It conveys a sense of “faith” and an “I believe in you” spirit which alone can act as a tremendous source of renewal for someone who is hurting
  2. Because helping people in need sets an example for your children, family, and friends
  3. Because when you give to others it sets a positive and powerful tone for the day. Giving induces high levels of fulfillment and happiness that radiates an attractiveness others are drawn to
  4. Because giving to others is a jumpstart cable to a healthy habit. Once you start giving, you can’t stop giiiivvviiiinnnggg!
  5. Because helping others and charitable giving has a profound rippling effect. You never know, your single act of kindness could change lives in more ways than you possibly fathomed
  6. Because generosity and charitable gift giving promotes longevity
  7. Because money brings money back
  8. Because lending a helping hand is the single most easiest thing you’ll ever do in life that can make a difference  and have a momentous impact
  9. Because you’re fortunate to have food, shelter, clothes, and water – give to others who don’t
  10. Because you grow by giving and selflessness changes you in a remarkable way

Simply giving a little extra and more makes us feel good. I give plenty of things away with my psychic business all the time. Free Shirts, books, mouse pads, birth charts, extra time and it i know how good it makes me feel and those that are receiving. Ok.. i leave with peace and happiness….billy… Here’s a Free Discount on readings if you are interested.