10 Physical Features Men Like in Women ! ~ Billy Caputo

10. Feet

Women, and myself included, have never been a fan of feet; there is just something about the way they look that we can’t understand why some men get turned on by them. But each to their own I guess.

9. Back

The back doesn’t really do it for men either, unless it’s the lower back and maybe if there was a tattoo present. Yeah, we are referring to the dreaded tramp stamp. We do believe if you get a tasteful tattoo (none of that tribal crap) then it can definitely be a sexy place to get some ink.

8. Stomach

Now we are talking a sexy female body part. Although we have to say that we love the idea of a little ab definition such as the stomach of Cheryl Cole, we are not totally shallow and we do prefer the stomach with a little bit of something there also.

7. Legs

As they say in Bingo: Legs…11! Some men want to see them legs go on forever. Well, not too far or you would end up being 7ft 2 and we have misplaced our yellow pages. As long as they are shaved then it doesn’t matter what shape or length, as we all know, a fuller leg means a fuller ass – which is a really good thing. Not too thick though.

6. Hair

Now every man will have his own opinion when it comes to the Barnet. Many men prefer dark haired girls. We even like you redheads¬†(ginger) and we wish to share some ginger love with you – don’t be hating on the redheads people.

5. Smile

No one can resist a smile from a beautiful woman. When women smile, it shows that you’re happy and that you like us men. Even though some men may act hard and come across as masculine, most of us still want to be loved. Shhhh….

4. Eyes

Eye contact is important and the phrase: “Love at first sight” is only possible when both of your eyes meet with each other for the very first time. Also, it applies to both sexes, there is just something about the colour blue that make eyes more beautiful.

3. Lips

As lips go, it has to be Angelina Jolie’s Lips – there is just something about a fuller and plumper lip. Also referred to as BJ lips, but I can’t understand why the name came to be. Can you?

2. Butt

Yeah, I bet as soon as you started reading this post you could have guessed that butt was going to be either 1 or 2. What is great though is that butts come in all different shapes and sizes and small petite ones can just be as nice as a Jennifer Lopez shaped one.

1. Chest

And Finally…number 1. Drum Roll Please…..Yep, you guessed it; Chest and Boobs is the Top Female body part that men Love. Can you blame us? Anyway, it seems that most of you chested women know this as you seem to always show them off and flaunt them in low cut shirts etc…and we love you for it.

So, What do you think?