10 Must-know long distance relationship tips! ~ Billy Caputo 

Long distance relationships can be hard to pull off but they’re not impossible, as long as you follow these 10 tips on how to effectively communicate and keep the passion alive even when you can’t be geographically together all the time:

1. Know what you both want

One of the most important long distance relationship tips is to know what both of you want out of the relationship. Are you both in it for the long run? Is monogamy important to you or are you willing to try an open relationship? These are the kinds of things you need to discuss early on before anyone gets hurt.

2. Set your own 10 commandments

It shouldn’t necessarily be ten, but once you know what you’re both looking for, you have to establish some ground rules. If you both want monogamy, be clear on what exactly that means to you. Is a drunk kiss cheating? What about flirting?

3. Keep your partner in the loop

Even though you’re away from each other, you still need to be in each other’s lives. Let your partner know your schedule and if you make any plans, so you never have to wonder about what the other one is doing.

4. Find a schedule

This can be more difficult if you’re in different time zones but it can be helpful to work out a routine together, like a date night, when you can have a good amount of time to talk to one another. Make sure, if you ever can’t make the arranged time, you let your partner know beforehand.

5. Do things “together”

Another one of important long distance relationship tips is to do things together. Even though you can’t be next to each other, you should find things to do as a couple. You could agree to read the same book, so you can discuss it on your next chat or you could watch the same movie while on the phone or Skype to each other.

6. Communicate in many different ways

Take advantage of modern technology. Try to find time to call each other on the phone or communicate by instant messaging but when you’re both busy, you can communicate by other methods. Send each other emails to keep you both in the loop on what you’ve been doing each day, send short text messages to let the other person know you’re thinking about them and maybe send a letter the old fashioned way every now and then with a little gift attached. You’ll both feel better and not miss each other quite so much.

7. Video chat and send photos

You don’t want to forget what he looks like, right? But seriously, visuals are important and you’ll both be much happier if you get to look into each other’s eyes, as if you were in the same room.

8. Get flirty

This doesn’t necessarily have to tie in to the last tip but it can, if you want. The important thing is to try and keep the passion alive by flirting and having fun with one another. If you don’t keep things a little bit frisky, you’ll end up feeling more like pen-pals, than partners.

9. Try to visit each other as often as you can

Another one of long distance relationship tips that will make your relationship work is to carefully plan your visits and do it as often as you can. Whenever you have the time and funds to do so, fly out to visit each other. Long distance can be a lot easier if you get the promise of a get together every now and then.

10. Do normal things together

When you do get to meet up, you’ve probably missed each other so much that you just want to go on dates, get physical and have as much fun as you can, before going your separate ways. It might sound good on paper but doing this can cause problems, like you might end up feeling like it isn’t serious or like you don’t know the other person anymore. When you get together, try to do regular things like go grocery shopping and hang out at home, so you still get that ordinary, quality time that normal relationships have.

What are your favorite tips for long distance relationships?