10 Mistakes Every Couple Is Making ~ Billy Caputo

There are lots of people who fall apart and their world seems to crumble after going to relationship woes, while others who are stronger and less sensitive may enter another relationship, but are bothered about breaking up again. This chain of relationship wreck goes on and the sensitive bunch suffers. So, here they are…..recognize any?

  • Expecting your partner to change for you – this is the first step to a strained relationship. Even though your partner promises to change for the sake of love, it is not sure that things will improve for the better. Other problems will keep cropping up and the loop will go on. You have to accept your partner as what they are unless they have an unhealthy habit that they need to get rid of.
  • Not making time for each other – everything needs time to flourish, thus give it some time and make your relationship a priority. If you want to see it bloom, water it each day.
  • Difference in opinion regarding family planning – do not rush into things and take decisions mutually. This will affect both of your lives and you will not want your child, for instance, to suffer later.
  • Lack of communication – the key to a healthy relationship is communication, thus if you don’t talk to each other or give precedence to silence over communication, your relationship will suffer.
  • Not accepting your fault – couples let their ego over them and it refrains them from accepting their fault. No one ever died of apologizing, thus put a stop to the blame game and offer apologies even when it is not your fault. Do not your ego win over your love. Your partner will realize if they made a mistake over time and will love you for being humble.
  • Neglecting your partner’s emotional and physical needs – this is a huge mistake, and you need to understand that each person in this world is replaceable, thus if your partner is not getting their needs fulfilled by you, they will seek another person for that.
  • Fighting or arguing to win – your ego forces you into this unwanted act and it is always a better solution to talk it out, present your point of view, and find out ways to sort it out. Or simply put an end to the problems. You will only worsen the issue if you drag the point.
  • Disrespecting differences between the two of you – it is imperative that you respect your differences and not let them weigh your relationship down. No two persons are the same, thus there must be differences.
  • Holding onto your grudges – this will only loosen your relationship. You should better let it go and stop carrying it around as it is an unnecessary baggage.
  • Allowing interference of a third person – do not let your parents, in-laws, or even friends to interfere, you will never know if that person is mature enough to solve your issues or simply add to it. You and your partner can only handle the situation.
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