As a professional psychic medium, I’ve been giving people messages from their loved ones in spirit for about 10 years now and I’ve found that there are a few messages that consistently come through in mediumship sessions.

1. No matter how I passed, my transition was peaceful and beautiful.
Spirit often shows me what their passage to the Other Side was like, and it is always an amazingly beautiful experience. There is a joyous reunion with their loved ones and pets in spirit, a sense of blessed relief and freedom, and beauty beyond belief.

2. I carry no memory of pain.
Even if they suffered physical pain in the time leading up to their passing, they do not retain a memory of it and only feel great peace in their spirit state of being.

3. I am not gone.
The spirit of your loved one is just as alive, aware and present as it was when housed in their physical body. In fact, their present state of being feels even more alive than when they were in the physical as they are no longer restricted by the material world.

4. I see my life from a different perspective.
While there is no sense of regret or remorse, spirit can see how the choices they made in their lifetime affected their own happiness and the lives of those around them. Often they want you to see their life as an example to learn from as you make choices in your own life.

5. Your family history can teach you a lot about yourself.
Spirit often encourages their loved ones to research their lineage and ancestry to find out about where they came from and understand more about the stories of their descendants. This can lead to a more compassionate understanding of their immediate family and themselves.

6. You are an unlimited being.
I often find spirit encouraging travel, adventure and taking risks. If someone is hesitating on a dream or desire, spirit will give them a little push and tell them not to wait, as the physical experience is a short one and those chances can lead to amazing experiences of wonder, growth and learning.

7. I communicate with you.
Those conversations you have with your loved ones in spirit aren’t just in your head, they are real. When you talk to spirit, they talk back, so pay attention to what comes to you when you ask them questions or look for guidance. They’ll also create little signs and synchronicities to let you know they’re around.

8. Take care of your health.
Spirit often points out physical ailments which are being ignored and might be holding the person back from fully enjoying their life. Self-care equates self-love, and this is a powerful way to create happiness in your life.

9. I miss the experience of food.
Spirit will often talk about some of the foods they loved while in the physical; it seems to be an experience which can’t accurately be duplicated on the Other Side. The smells, tastes and feelings evoked by delicious foods are experiences they’d like you not to take for granted!

10. The physical experience is precious, sacred and beautiful, even in its struggles.
Your loved ones in spirit recognize the amazing beauty of this physical life and want you to appreciate it as you experience it, and not wait until you transition to truly understand what a divine blessing it is. Every challenge adds to the soul’s evolution, and every day presents the opportunity to experience love and beauty.

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