10 Female Physical Traits That Get Men’s Interest ~ Billy Caputo

#1. A small waist  – A small waistline defines the body shape and makes the body look symmetrical. A flat stomach is a PLUS! as one can get away with wearing anything.

#2. A cute smile – A beautiful smile makes one look approachable and friendly. One participant even commented  that just a smile will do it for him anytime!A nice set of teeth is a plus!

#3. Long legs – With skirts and dresses getting shorter and heels getting higher, a lady with legs that go on forever is on every man’s most wanted list.

#4. Perky breasts – Most men just love boobs and the perkier the better. Some participants even swore that they can tell the age of a woman by looking at her boobs. Flat chests are a no-no.

#5. Sexy eyes – A woman’s eyes can tell a lot! and sexy eyes can show you what a woman is capable of when there’s just the two of you in a room.

#6. Shapely and proportionate bum – Most participants had to insist that big bums are out of season. Bums that suit your body proportions are in!

#7. Luscious lips – “Just like sexy eyes, luscious lips can tell a lot about the sexuality of a woman.Besides,  who doesn’t want to have a woman with amazing kissable lips?” said one participant. True?

#8. A cute nose complete with a symmetrical face – A cute nose defines one’s face and a girl lucky enough to have a nose that suits her face must know that she’s a keeper! The nose plays a huge role in giving one’s face symmetry.

#9. Long hair – If you want to know how feminine a woman is you will look at her hair and how she has styled it. Short hair – tomboy, dreads – always on the go, long hair – lady-like and pretty.

#10. Fair complexion – Most men tend to go for the fairer ladies and noways you will find most men going for girls of mixed race.

Bonus feature:  A woman who smells nice and wears minimal make-up!