10 Dating Mistakes Not To Make! ~ Billy Caputo

Everyone has done it at least once. That horrifying moment when his jaw drops, your face goes scarlet, and you realise that you’ve just dropped the dating faux pas of a lifetime! Don’t let it happen to you again, read these ten dating mistakes that you should avoid at all costs, and then you won’t be wishing the ground would open and swallow you up, ever again.

1. Don’t mention any of the juicy details about your ex

So what if your ex was wonderful, kind and generous…and it’s a real tragedy that it didn’t work out. The guy sat opposite you now really doesn’t want to hear about it, so keep that one to yourself!

2. Too much talking and not enough listening

Slow down, take a breath, pause and listen! Don’t let your excitement take you over, because he has things he wants to talk about too.

3. Don’t get his name wrong!

You really aren’t going to give a good impression if you can’t get his name right, or worse, you’ve forgotten it altogether. Be careful because getting anyone’s name wrong is quite easy to do, but he won’t forget that you did it.

4. Eating a delicious onion-garlic dish beforehand 

You’ve probably spent a great time with your family and enjoyed that wonderful garlic dish that your grandma cooked, but if you plan to go on a date the same evening and if you desire to make a good impression and you want your date to comfortably sit through the evening with you, then avoid eating such strong flavors as garlic or fresh onion; otherwise your date might present you with apologies and prompt himself out the door to breathe some fresh air.

5. By professing your undying love you can simply scare him away

Love at first sight would be wonderful, it’s not even impossible, but he is probably not ready to hear that yet. Even if you are really into a guy within the first few dates, don’t gush out your feelings too soon, or you will scare him witless.

6. Too much information

Your recent bout of food poisoning might be an experience that you won’t forget, but it, and all the gruesome details, is not a topic for a dinner date. Don’t get too personal too soon, especially when it comes to anything medical.

7. Don’t get drunk!

If you don’t want to wake up to the awful realisation that you made a massive boo-boo, then watch how much you have to drink. Alcohol is great for relaxing you and making you feel more comfortable, but it can also lead to some horrific dating faux pas.

8. Talking or texting on your phone in front of his nose

Put it down, put it away or even better switch it off! You should be concentrating on your date, not on updating Facebook or sending texts, otherwise he’s going to get very bored watching you do it.

9. Choose your food wisely

Sucking up strands of spaghetti or slurping your soup will be embarrassing too, so chose from the menu carefully. Blunders with food are the easiest to make, so choose wisely and eat carefully. Don’t get left with egg on your face, or tomato sauce down your chin!

10. Don’t leave him guessing

If you like him, and you want to see him again, then tell him or, at least, give some hints. Not all guys are self-assured and it would be a real shame to miss out, just because he thinks that you don’t want to see him again.

What other dating faux pas we all should avoid? Feel free to share your dating tips in the comment section below.