If you’re wondering why you’re still single, the reason may not be you, but your stars that don’t align. We’ve made a list of the 10 worst zodiac signs to pair up! If you’re single and looking for something concrete, finding someone your zodiac sign is compatible with, might just be your ticket to rom-com romance. Schedule your Psychic and Medium Reading with me HERE.

Aries x Taurus- Aries are extremely strong willed and Taureans are stubborn. It’s like clash of the titans. Taurus wants to know when and where they stand in the relationship constantly, whereas Aries wants the freedom to do what they like and be more daring.

Taurus x Sagittarius- Sagittarius is a lot like Aries, they’re also fire signs. They always want to go out and have fun which gets a bit too much for Taurus, who would rather have a quiet evening at home. Sagittarius also loves playing mind games, which is not at all fun for the simplistic Taureans.

Gemini x Capricorn- They are basically poles apart. Gemini is known for their fun-loving nature that completely clashes with the workaholic, organised Capricorns. They’re sort of a party-pooper, with their grounded personality for the dreamer Gemini.

Cancer x Aquarius- Cancer is a homebody while Aquarians are free-spirited. They’re also fiercely independent and make it seem like they don’t need you- but Cancer wants to feel wanted. Plus Aquarians will constantly correct you, even if there’s no need. Watch out for the #GrammarNazi.

Leo x Scorpio- Leo has this innate flamboyance, they like showing off but Scorpio cuts straight to the point–they’re not going to take time to compliment you or boost that ego further. Scorpions can be a bit difficult at times with a jealous personality that does not go down well with Leo’s charming, flirty traits.

Virgo x Sagittarius– Opposites definitely don’t attract in this case. These two star signs just don’t see eye-to-eye with each other. Sagittarius find Virgo too uptight and rigid, while Virgo thinks Sagittarians are too goofy. In Virgo’s opinion, Sagittarius is too carefree and don’t take into account other people’s feelings, which can be quite hurtful.

Libra x Virgo- Libra can’t handle Virgo’s uptight nature either, it gets too much for them. Their constant need to be right and practical can annoy the hell out of you. Virgo also tends to be critical of Libra which makes them doubt themselves. Who likes a relationship full of insecurities anyway?

Scorpio x Aries– Both signs are extremely strong-willed, want complete control AND want to be on top (in more than just the standard way, if you know what we mean). That calls for a complete disaster. Both of you want things to run your way and that’s a relationship heading nowhere.

Aquarius x Taurus– You thrive on spontaneity and change, but Taureans are terrified of change. They take baby-steps and move with caution. Your speeds are at completely different levels and you just whizz past Taureans.

Pisces x Virgo– Pisces are dreamers but Virgos are down to earth and practical. Usually, these two opposites would attract, but only if Virgos are willing. Otherwise, you’ll just find it impossible to get along. This connection would work better as friends because the relationship wouldn’t be as intense.