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Amazing Psychic Readings by PHONE that will give You the answers You need to Know! I am a Psychic and Medium Intuitive-Empath born with the ability of Clairvoyance and Channeling, which has led me to help guide and empower thousands of people all around the world. I also see Loved ones who have left this life and crossed over to the other side. My ability to receive messages, images, and impressions, lets me help You to understand what it is that your loved ones are trying to communicate and want You to know.

There’s no need for your birth date for a reading, nor do I use a crystal ball, do magic spells, sell candles or use Tarot cards. Let me help You with answers to the questions on your mind, assist with strategies and solutions as well as help You to understand your soul’s purpose and journey.

“What is their true feelings for me and does this relationship have potential? Can I trust my partner and will our relationship/marriage last? When and where will I find my Soul-Mate? Why and how did my loved one cross over to the other side and do they have any messages for me?” These are just a few of the many questions I’m asked during a Reading.

Know that Everything in life has a Meaning, Reason and Purpose, right down to You visiting my website!

I can’t wait to read for You! ~ Billy

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