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Book: The 25 Most Haunted Places in America: $6.99


The haunting and thought provoking new book of Real Life Paranormal Phenomena with Ghostly Apparitions and Spirits that blur the lines Between Life and Death.  A Bone Chilling and Must Read ebook for all Supernatural fans!

25 Haunted Places in America

Book: Eliminate Bills Guaranteed!: $20

Your small Investment, purchasing this new book, is going to pay for itself over and over again! While most books only tell you how to manage money and tips to save, this book is completely different with a simple technique to Eliminate Bills Completely! Once you pick up a copy of this ebook, you can start eliminating bills Immediately with easy Step by Step Instructions. A few minutes of your time is all it takes for You to see Real and Fast Results. Guaranteed!

Eliminate Bills Guaranteed!

T-Shirt: $20

100 Percent Soft Cotton Canvas Bella Unisex T-Shirts Available In Sizes S, M, L, XL & XXL

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Mouse Pad: $20

Color Mouse Pads


1 Billy Caputo Color Mouse Pad

Meditation- Healing Within: $1.99

CD Meditation COVER 1_jpeg

17 minute meditation audio Mp3 to Help you discover the secrets of lasting health! My audio will Help you feel calmer, grounded, have more energy, sleep better, have more clarity and increase confidence! My Meditation Mp3 audio is easy to download and plays in any music format such as iTunes etc. Don’t Wait, order yours today!

Meditation-Healing Within Mp3

Billy Caputo Custom Ankh: $8.50

Custom Silver Stainless Steel Anhk Pendant and 24″ Chain Free of Lead and Nickel


Billy Caputo Custom Anhk

4 eBook Special: $18.99

*All 4 eBooks for one Incredible Price *

Book_psychic_front_ Cover

All 4 Books by Billy Caputo